The Operations Manager OpenView connector fails to auto-forwarding alerts to an HP OVO server


The Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 (OpsMgr) Connector for HP OpenView Operations for Windows fails to auto-forwarding alerts to an HP OVO server. You also find information similar to the following in the SCInterop log file:

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] ERROR Could not deliver some events.  No providers were available.  Cannot create WSManConfig for any providers
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.NoProviderAvailableException: Cannot create WSManConfig for any providers
   at Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule.BuildWsmanConfigList(IConfig c)
   at Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule.XFormOutboundAlerts_Callback(Topic topic, Payload payload)
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG Exiting WSRxAlerts_Callback method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.XFormModule] DEBUG Leaving CacheAlerts_Callback
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.Cache] DEBUG Leaving FilterAlerts_Callback
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.FilterModule] DEBUG alerts published
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.FilterModule] DEBUG Leaving OpsAlerts_Callback
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.OpsMgrModule] DEBUG 3 alerts published
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.OpsMgrModule] DEBUG acking alerts 3 to sdk
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.OpsMgrModule] DEBUG 3 alerts acked to sdk
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.OpsMgrModule] DEBUG Leaving TimerCallback
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG Entering TimerCallback method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG Retrieving events...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG locked on WSRxAlerts
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG BuildWsmanConfigList called
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG Not all providers have be queried for WSManType.  Attempting to query each provider
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManConfig] DEBUG WSManConfig constructor called
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManConfig] DEBUG Creating WSManConfig for OVO Server
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Entering GetWSManType method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Entering CreateSession method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG using basic auth
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Calling WSMAN Session host OVO Server with parameters...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG ResourceUri : https://OVO Server:1270
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG SessionFlags : 266241
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG UserName : root
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Exiting CreateSession method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Calling WSMAN Identify on host OVO Server with parameters...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Flags : 0
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Exception A security error occurred  occurred while determining WSMan type of server OVO Server
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManWrapper] DEBUG Exiting GetWSManType method...
[Microsoft.SystemCenter.Interop.Framework.Modules.WSManModule] DEBUG System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80072F8F): A security error occurred
   at WSManAutomation.IWSManSession.Identify(Int32 flags)

This can occur if there are no providers can be contacted to get an update event.

To resolve this issue, run scicert.exe to import the certificate from the provider into the connector server.  To do this, on the server that the OpsMgr Connector for HP OpenView Operations service is installed, run the following command from a command prompt window:

C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Connectors\OpsMgr Connector for HP OpenView Operations\

Then run the following command:

scicert <OVO server> <wsman user> <wsman password> "OpsMgr Connector for HP OpenView Operations"

NOTE Replace <OVO server> with your OVO server name

NOTE <wsman user> will be the user you setup in the Connector Configuration UI (e.g., - doman\wsman user or root account)

If this is successful it will display the certificate thumbprint and ask if you want to continue. Enter Yes to import the certificate.

Once you have the certificate imported, restart the OpsMgr Connector for HP OpenView Operations service and check the log.

You should no longer see the error and should now be able to forward alerts to the OVO Server.

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