OFF2001: How to Remove Microsoft Office 2001 from Your Computer

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This article discusses how to remove Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac from your computer.

IMPORTANT: Before you remove Office 2001, you must move any personal files from the Microsoft Office 2001 folder. This includes any files that you created and saved into or placed in the Microsoft Office 2001 folder. This must be done so that your personal files are not deleted.
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Use the Remove Office Utility

The Remove Office utility is available as a downloadable file from the following Microsoft Web site:This utility removes all of the files that Office 2001 installs, including preferences and extensions. However, it does not remove any personal data files.

Remove Office 2001 Manually

To manually remove Office 2001 from your computer, locate and move to the Trash the following files.



Microsoft Office 2001 folderHard disk drive
Microsoft Component LibrarySystem Folder:Extensions
Microsoft OLE AutomationSystem Folder:Extensions
Microsoft OLE LibrarySystem Folder:Extensions
Microsoft Structured StorageSystem Folder:Extensions
Microsoft Internet LibrarySystem Folder:Extensions
Microsoft Clipboard LibrarySystem Folder:Extensions
Type Libraries (folder)System Folder:Extensions
Embedding PreferencesSystem Folder:Preferences
Microsoft (folder)System Folder:Preferences
PPC Registration DatabaseSystem Folder:Preferences
Advanced NetworkingSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
CookiesSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
File HelpersSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
General E-mailSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
Password DialogsSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
Protocol HelpersSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
ProxiesSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
Ratings SystemSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
SecuritySystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
User PasswordsSystem Folder:MS Preference Panels
ArialSystem Folder:Fonts
Arial BlackSystem Folder:Fonts
Century GothicSystem Folder:Fonts
Comic Sans MSSystem Folder:Fonts
Copperplate Gothic LightSystem Folder:Fonts
Copperplate Gothic BoldSystem Folder:Fonts
Curlz MTSystem Folder:Fonts
ImpactSystem Folder:Fonts
Edwardian Script ITCSystem Folder:Fonts
Lucinda HandwritingSystem Folder:Fonts
Monotype SortsSystem Folder:Fonts
TahomaSystem Folder:Fonts
Times New RomanSystem Folder:Fonts
VerdanaSystem Folder:Fonts
WingdingsSystem Folder:Fonts

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