SVCACLS.EXE Is Not Included With The Windows 2000 Resource Kits

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The following documentation on the Service ACL Editor (SVCACLS.EXE) is included in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools Help file. However, the SVCACLS.exe file is not included on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kits' CD-ROM.

Svcacls.exe: Service ACL Editor

This command-line tool sets access control lists (ACLs) on service objects,enabling administrators to delegate control of services.

To initially use Service ACL Editor, you must have Administrator privileges, although someone with Administrator privileges can use the tool to grant someone without Administrator privileges permission to use the tool. Delete, Read Control, and Write discretionary access control are required to modify discretionary access control lists (DACLs) for services. The DACL (usually referred to simply as ACL) determines the permissions on an object. To change a DACL, a permission called WRITE_DAC is required.

Service ACL Editor runs only on x86-based computers running Windows 2000 orWindows NT version 4.0.

Do not remove permissions on any service for Administrators or System. Ifyou do, you might have to reinstall Windows 2000 to regain control over theservice.

Service ACL Editor Topics
Service ACL Editor Syntax
Service ACL Editor Examples

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The Svcacls.exe utility was pulled from the Resource Kit CD-ROM at the last minute. Unfortunately the documentation for this utility was inadvertently left behind.

This utility was pulled because the same functionality is available in the SUBINACL tool. Additional information on the SUBINACL tool is available in the Resource Kit Tools Help file.
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