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When you try to add border art to a picture object in a Microsoft Works Word Processor document, the Border Art option is not available (is dimmed).

When you attempt to add shading to a picture object, the Shading option is not available, or if the shading option is available, the shading extends beyond the borders of the picture.
This behavior occurs because you cannot add shading and border art to all picture objects, but only to some picture objects.

You add border art only to a framed object such as a floating object or a text box. You can add shading only to a text box.

Note The shading format option is available for pictures that are inserted in-line, but the shading overlaps the picture and extends from the left document margin to the right document margin.
To add border art to a picture object, follow the steps illustrated in the following example:
  1. Start Works Word Processor.
  2. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Clip Art.
  3. Select an image, and then click Insert.
  4. Click the object to select it (if it is not already selected).
  5. On the Format menu, click Object.
  6. On the Wrapping tab, click Square or Tight, and then click OK.
  7. On the Format menu, click Borders and Shading.
  8. In the Border Art box, select the border art that you want.
  9. In the Border Art Width box, select the size of the border art that you want.
  10. Click OK to apply the border art to the picture.
More information
The Works Help topic "Add borders of shading to a text box or picture" indicates that you can add border art or shading to a picture.

This Help topic is incomplete. Border art can only be added to a framed object such as a floating object or a text box. Shading can only be added to a text box.

A floating object is an object that can be placed anywhere in a document and is not in line with the text. Floating objects include objects such as pictures that are formatted for word wrapping (Square or Tight) and text boxes.
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Microsoft Works 6.0, Microsoft Works 7.0

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