Outlook Support diagnostic - Full, medium, lite version details

Support for Office 2003 has ended

Microsoft ended support for Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

The Outlook Support Diagnostic displays the following prompt prior to executing any scripts.

The screen shot for the

If you select the Full option, all available scripts are run. If you click the Custom option, you can then choose between Medium and Lite versions of the diagnostic.

The screen shot after you click the Custom option on the

The More Information section provides a table of the data collected when you select the Full, Medium, or Lite option in the Outlook Support Diagnostic.
More information
Diagnostic output file collectedFullMedLite
3rd_party_addins.txt x x
msft_addins.txt x x
3rd_party_Modules.txt x x
Autodiscover.xml, AutodiscoverSettings.txt x x
Autoruns.htm, Autoruns.xml x
BitsClient_bitsadmin-list-allusers-verbose.txt, BitsClient_reg.txt x x
DelegateInfo.txt x x
EnvironmentalVariables.txt x
evt_Application.csv, evt_Application.evtx, evt_Application.txt x x
evt_BitsClient-Operational_evt_.csv, evt_BitsClient-Operational_evt_.evtx, evt_BitsClient-Operational_evt_.txt x x
evt_System.csv, evt_System.evtx, evtx_System.txt x x
GPResult.htm, GPResult.txt x x
Hotfixes.csv, Hotfixes.htm, Hotfixes.txt x x
IE_Proxy_Settings.txt x x
Installed_Products.csv x x
Junkmail_Settings.txt x x
Module_Signature_Status.txt x x
OCAT_Report.html, OCAT Results.xml, OCAT_Results.xml.log x x x
Outlook_Configuration_Summary.txt x x x
Processes.txt x x
Registry export files, filenames beginning with "reg" (see article 2680810 for filenames) x x
Roiscan.log x x
SMB-Info.txt x
File version details, filenames beginning with "sym" (see article 2680810 for filenames) x x
sym_Outlook_Process.csv, sym_Outlook_Process.txt x x
TcpIp-Info.txt x
In addition to the files collected, the Outlook Baseline runs rules to detect known configuration issues. The list of rules that are run is consistent across Full, Medium, and Lite.

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