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Error message when you open the properties of a user in Office 365: "Exchange: No mailbox plan with SKU 'BPOS_L_Standard' was found. User has no access to email"

In the Microsoft Office 365 portal, a red "X" appears next to a user. When you open the properties of that user, you an error message that resembles the following:
Exchange: No mailbox plan with SKU 'BPOS_L_Standard' was found. User has no access to email.
However, the user doesn't experience any issues. The user also has access to email messages and can receive email messages.

This issue occurs if all the subscriptions expired, and your Office 365 account was queued for removal. This exposed additional purchase offers that aren't supported by your original company type.

For example, you purchased or you had a trial subscription for Office 365 Small Business, and your subscription expired. Then you purchased Office 365 Enterprise. However, your company type is still technically considered to be Office 365 Small Business, and you will encounter problems in the future.

These scenarios aren't supported.

There is no resolution to remove the error message within the existing organization.

To remove the error message, you have to sign up again by using the correct company type. For example, consider the scenario in which you originally signed up with Office 365 Small Business, and now you want Office 365 Enterprise. In this case, you have to sign up again, and this time you would select Office 365 Enterprise.  

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