ENT2001: How to Use Palm Synchronization Software with Entourage

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This article describes how to synchronize a device that is running both the Palm Pilot operating system (Palm OS) and Entourage.

NOTE: Entourage does not support synchronization with PocketPC devices or any handheld device that run the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.
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Components Needed for the Synchronization Procedure

The procedures in this article assume that you have installed both the Palm desktop and Palm HotSync software that is compatible with your Palm device. The Entourage Help file says that Palm suite version 2.6.1 is required. For more information about an exception to this requirement for Handspring Palm devices, view the "Performing the HotSync" section in this article.

Establish connectivity between your Palm device and your Macintosh computer with the HotSync software. Refer to the information about connection options and instructions that is provided with your Palm device.

In addition to the Palm desktop and Palm HotSync software, you must install the Entourage Handheld Synchronization software. The Entourage Handheld Synchronization software is included in the Microsoft Office 2001 Value Pack. The Value Pack Installer is located on the Office 2001 CD-ROM. To install this software:
  1. Insert the Microsoft Office 2001 CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Double-click the Value Pack folder on the CD-ROM.
  3. Double-click Value Pack Installer.
  4. In the Value Pack Installer box, click Handheld Synchronization, and then click Continue.
  5. You may receive the following error message because you cannot install new synchronization software when the synchronization procedure is active:
    In order to synchronize your Palm data with Entourage, synchronization with the Palm Desktop must be disabled. The Palm Desktop conduits will be moved to a folder named Disabled Conduits in your Palm Folder.
  6. Click OK.

How to Synchronize Entourage with Your Palm Device

Palm User and Entourage Identity Names

To synchronize Entourage data with your Palm device, you must have an identity defined in Entourage that has the same name as the user identity on the Palm device. If you attempt to synchronize and you do not use the same identity name, you receive the following error message:
An Entourage identity matching the Handheld user could not be located.
To rename the identity:
  1. On the File menu in Entourage, click Switch Identity.
  2. In the Identity box, click the name of the identity you want to synchronize.
  3. Click Rename, edit the identity name to match the user name on your Palm device, and then click OK.
If you continue to receive the error message, verify that the user folder in the Office 2001 Identities folder has the same name as the user name that you used for the Palm desktop installation procedure. The following folder is the default location for the Office 2001 user folder:
Hard Disk:Documents\Microsoft User Data\Office 2001 Identities

Performing the HotSync

After you follow the steps to prepare Entourage to synchronize with your Palm device, place your Palm device in the cradle that is supplied by the Palm device manufacturer, and then press the HotSync button on the cradle.

For more information, refer to the documentation about HotSync and Palm desktop synchronization options that is supplied with your Palm device.

Additional Information for Handspring Palm Device Owners

The Handspring Palm device does not require Palm suite version 2.6.1 to synchronize Entourage with your Palm device by using the HotSynch software.

Handspring Palm devices include version 2.6 of both the Palm desktop and HotSync software. You can use version 2.6 of this software to synchronize your Palm device with Entourage. If you download Palm suite version 2.6.1, you may receive connection error messages when you attempt to synchronize your Palm devise by using the HotSync software.

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