Internet Explorer Print and Print Preview Show One Page Only

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In Internet Explorer version 5.5, the Print Preview window may only display one full page. The second page may only display a footer, and no additional pages are available in Print Preview or when using the Print command.
These symptoms can occur if all of the following statements within a scenario are true:

Scenario 1

  • The Web page contains two or more tables.
  • The total length of the content in tables adds up to be more than one page of data.
  • One of the tables contains a HEIGHT=100% attribute.
  • The tables do not have end tags.

Scenario 2

  • A child table is listed inside a parent table.
  • The child table has a HEIGHT=100% attribute.
Contact the creator of the Web page with this information.
More information
If a table height is set to 100%, then each table must have an end tag.

Note: Prior to Internet Explorer version 5.5, Internet Explorer did not process the HEIGHT attribute.

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