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This article discusses the limitations that you might run into while adding contacts to your Windows Live account.
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What is my “Windows Live” account?

Windows Live is your Hotmail account or your Messenger account. The email address and password you use to access either of those accounts - or that you also use to access other services such as Xbox Live or Windows Live Mail – is called your “Windows Live ID."

Why does Windows Live limit how many contacts I can add to my account?

Windows Live systems help protect your data through a number of methods to detect spam and other suspicious activities. These systems may place various restrictions on accounts, such as limiting the number of contacts that can be added to a Windows Live account.

What's the contacts limit?

New Windows Live accounts will start with a lower contacts limit. As you use Windows Live services such as Hotmail or Messenger, the maximum number of contacts allowed will increase with established accounts. If you are an established user, recent account activity may have sent us a false alert.

What do I do when I hit the limit?

If you hit a limit lower than expected, you should just continue using Windows Live services (example – Hotmail, Messenger, etc.) regularly. Legitimate usage of your account will lead to your limit increasing to the maximum in a few days.

I don't want to wait for a few days for the system to realize I'm a legitimate user. What can I do to prove that now?

Verify your account with a mobile number (only available in limited markets at this time):

Note: If you are unable to verify your account through SMS validation, submit your issue here to contact an agent and have the contacts limits corrected.

Need more help?

Get help from the Microsoft Community online community, search for more information on Microsoft Support or Windows Help and How To, or learn more about Assisted Support options.


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