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Description of DVD Player in Windows Millennium Edition

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Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) includes a redesigned version of Microsoft Windows 98 Digital Video Disc (DVD) Player. Unlike the Windows 98 version, the new Windows Me version supports software decoding for playback of DVD movies without a dedicated decoder card.

Windows Me DVD Player supports software DVD decoding if the decoder is installed by a third party. Windows Me does not include a DVD Moving Picture Experts Group 2 (MPEG2) software decoder. After you install a compressor/decompressor (codec) or a program that comes with a codec, Windows Me DVD Player can play back a movie without the need for one of the special hardware decoders that DVD Player supports.

When you start DVD Player, if you do not have a supported hardware decoder, or a previously-installed software decoder, you receive the following message:
To use the DVD player, you need to install either a software DVD decoder, or a hardware DVD decoder. For more information, click Help.
A Pentium II 333 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher is required for the software decoding of DVDs.

You must manually start Windows Me DVD Player from a command prompt because there is no shortcut for the program on the Start menu, or on the desktop.

To create a shortcut to DVD Player, follow these steps:
  1. Double-click My Computer.
  2. Double-click the icon for the drive that contains the Windows folder (usually C), and then double-click Windows to open the Windows folder.
  3. Right-click Dvdplay.exe, point to Send To, and then click Desktop as a shortcut.
Windows Me DVD Player also includes the ability to capture still images from movie playback as long as the software or hardware decoder supports this feature as well. If your decoder card or software decoder does not support still image capture, you receive the following message:
DVD player is unable to capture the image because the decoder on your system does not support it.
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