How to set up the Mail List Manager in Entourage for Mac

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This article describes how to set up the Entourage mailing list so that you can manage messages from subscribed mailing lists.

Basic Mailing List configuration

The Mailing List Manager can apply rules to incoming messages from your subscribed mailing lists. To start the Mailing List Manager and to configure a mailing list, do the following:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Mailing List Manager.
  2. In Mailing List Manager, click New.
  3. In the Edit Mailing List Rule window, select the Mailing List tab.
  4. In the Name box, type a name for your mailing list.
  5. To select the folder where you want to move messages, click Choose Folder in the Move Messages to Folder drop-down list.

    Note The default folder is your Inbox. To create a new folder, click New, and then click Choose.
  6. If you want to save messages that you can send to the list in the same folder that you receive messages, click the Also move messages that I send to the list in this foldercheck box.
  7. To assign a category to messages from the mailing, click Set category, and then select a category from the drop-down list.
  8. Type your comments in the Notes section.

Advanced Mailing List Configuration

The Advance tab provides additional parameters. These configuration items are useful for managing messages from some mailing list servers that provide extended capabilities. The following section describes these items.

Other List Addresses

The following configurations are on the Advanced tab:
  • Alternate Address - You can use this feature when the list server provides a secondary address.
  • List Administrator Address - Submits the administrator address.
  • List Server Address - This address is the server that hosts the mailing list.

Actions on List Messages

The following configurations are on the Advanced tab and you can apply them to messages as they arrive from the list server.
  • Mark As Read - Automatically marks messages as "read" when they are received from the list server.
  • Add Prefix to the Subject - Allows you to add a predefined prefix as an identifier to the subject of the list message.
  • Do not Apply Rules to List Messages - Excludes list messages from other message rules.
  • Delete Copies of Incoming Messages That I Send to the List - Prevents duplicate messages for replies that you make to the list.
  • Burst Digests into Individual Messages - You can use this feature when you subscribe to daily message digests. This feature breaks the digest into separate and constituent messages. If you select this item, you can specify that the original digest message is deleted after it is burst.
  • Run AppleScript - Specifies that an AppleScript runs on the incoming messages.

When Replying

If you click Override the Default Reply behavior, you can select one of the following two options:
  • Always Reply to the List Address
  • Always Reply to the Sender's address
For more information about about how to troubleshoot the Mailing List Manager, click the Office Assistant, type mailing list manager, click Search, and then click a topic to view it.

NOTE: If the Assistant is hidden, click the Office Assistant button on the Standard toolbar.
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