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A Description of the Basic Editing Features in Windows Movie Maker

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This article describes the basic editing features that are available in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.
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Some of the basic editing features are described in the following sections:

Combining Clips:

You may want to combine a clip of a previously-segmented recorded event. When you combine clips, the time index is extended to include the second clip. If you want to combine two clips, they must be sequential from the same source content.

NOTE: Editing clips does not affect source content.

To combine two clips, follow these steps:

  1. Select two clips from the same source content that are in sequential order.
  2. On the Clip menu, click Combine. Or right-click the selected clip and click Combine from the Context menu. The second clip's icon is removed from the Collections Area or the Storyboard/Timeline.

Transitioning Clips:

You can add a cross fade transition to your project. This transition can switch smoothly from one clip to the next by blending the two clips together.

NOTE:To insert a cross fade transition, the workspace or project must be in Timeline view.

To insert a transition, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the two clips between which you want to insert a transition, and then select the second clip.
  2. Drag the second clip with your mouse to the right over the first clip. Windows Movie Maker highlights the clip and displays an inclined bar in the clip to indicate the rate of transition.
NOTE: You can determine the duration of the transition if you compare the length of the incline with the time scale at the top of the Timeline.

Trimming Clips:

This feature enables you to remove unwanted footage from a clip.

NOTE: To trim a clip, the workspace or project must be in Timeline view.

To trim a clip, follow these steps:

  1. Select the clip that you want to trim. Trim handles are displayed on the scale located at the top of the clip.
  2. Move the trim handles to the location where you want to insert the trim point.
NOTE: A trim point can be cleared if you click Clear trim point on the Clip menu after you have selected the clip.
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