List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 (Part 1)

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NOTE: Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes that are included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1, 2, and 3. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4.

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Service Pack 4

275714 XADM: Information Store Stops Unexpectedly with Multipart or Mixed Message and Null Boundary String
272863 XADM: Information Store Access Violation When You Attempt to Encode a Corrupted HTML Message
272113 XADM: Information Store Causes Access Violation When It Tries to Process Outbound Internet E-mail Message
271975 XADM: Default Folders Appear in English Instead of Brazilian or Portuguese
271960 XADM: Address Book Search Takes Longer Than Expected
271711 XADM: Autoforward Rules May Be Disabled When Using Antivirus API
271706 XCON: Embedded MSP4 Message in a P772 Message Gets Downgraded to MSP3
271600 XCON: Under Certain Conditions MTA Erroneously Deletes Data Files
271591 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Does Not Deliver Message After You Install Virus Scan Software
271549 XWEB: Outlook Web Access and Collaboration Data Objects Daylight Saving Time Transition Change for Australia in Year 2000
271547 XADM: Move Mailbox Utility Does Not Work When Antivirus API Is In Use
271199 XADM: Netscape Internet Message Access Protocol Clients Unable to Determine Content Type of Attachments
270918 XADM: Event Service Delay in Processing Scripts Bound to Folders Which Have Replicas
270910 XCON: Non-Delivery Report States Recipient Not Recognized When a Large Message Is Sent
270712 XADM: Store.exe Process Stops Responding with Very Large Number of Threads
270695 XADM: MTA Logs Content Conversion Error 4096 for an Inbound Message
269611 XFOR: Message Containing Null Recipient Address Is Not Delivered
269442 XADM: Mailbox Manager Removes Future Appointment
269355 FIX: E_FAIL Error Returned From CDO When Accessing MAPI.Folder
269158 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Responding in emsmta!onpugtck
269007 XADM: Problems While Running Multiple Link Monitor Sessions
268886 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-SP3 Information Store Service Provider Fixes Available
268380 XADM: Store Crashes When Rich Text Is Enabled over the IMAP4 Protocol
268141 XADM: Information Store Stops Responding When IMAP Client Attempts to Retrieve S/MIME Message
268131 XADM: Store Uses Wrong Language When It Delivers Quota Warning Message to a Public Folder
268105 XADM: Mailbox Manager Stops Responding Cleaning a Container with Hidden Mailboxes
267583 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Fix Setup.exe Does Not Work on Windows 2000 Cluster Server
267425 XADM: Hiding Address Book Views from Exchange Server Administrator and Clients During Address Book View Storms
267245 XIMS: Internet Mail Service Incorrectly Returns Non-Delivery Report Message or Silently Drops E-Mail Message
266742 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Logs 9405 Exception Error Message When Starting the Service on Cluster Server
266639 XCLN: Outlook Tasks Assigned to Users on Other Exchange Server Computers Do Not Send Back Updates upon Completion
266383 XCON: MTA 2026 and Internet Mail Service 3016 Logging Error Messages During Periods of High Server Use When Message Tracking Is Enabled
266371 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 User Receives Duplicate E-Mail Message When on Exchange 2000 Server Distribution List and Carbon Copied
266259 XGEN: MAPI Applications Opening Messages Simultaneously Will Not Save Properties Correctly
266093 XADM: Information Store Stops Responding Because of Invalid QueryRows Request
265727 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Stops Responding while Trying to Obtain Next Host to Deliver a Message
265508 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Instance Is Not Displayed in Performance Monitor on Terminal Services Client
265077 "The Pipe Has Ended" Error Message Occurs When You Crawl Exchange Server Public Folders
264341 XFOR: Unintelligible Characters in Dialog Box Font in Microsoft Mail Connector Queue
264330 XFOR: Internet Mail Service May Relay Messages Despite Restrictions
264329 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Transferring Data After an X.25 Error
264102 XADM: ARCserve 6.5 and Other Third-Party Backup Programs Stop Responding After Installing Extensible Storage Engine Fix
263947 XADM: Messages Stuck in Outbox with Antivirus Application Programming Interface in Use
263916 XFOR: Microsoft Mail Connector Stops Unexpectedly While Viewing Message Queue
263908 XADM: Information Store Crash in EcReplFolderMessagesUnpack
263898 XCON: East European Extended Characters Lost in T.61 Content Conversion
263567 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Responding and Cannot Be Stopped
263563 XCON: Domain Defined Attributes Value Is Not Displayed in Non-Delivery Report
263526 XADM: Appointments Sent from Different Time Zones Are Not Processed Properly
263457 XADM: Information Store Access Violation with Long One-Off Address Entries
263173 XADM: Only 100 Accounts Can Be Extracted from Active Directory Domain
263112 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Generates Event 1016 When Logging Performance Monitor Counter in Windows 2000 Server
263064 XADM: Blackberry Service Stops Responding If the Exchange Server Computers Are Offline
265267 XIMS: Chat Server May Cause an Access Violation With Chat Server Extension and MIC Chat Client
262989 XFOR: Lotus cc:Mail Migration Event 1030 Error Message Caused By Return Receipt
262899 XADM: Knowledge Consistency Checker Generates Notifications for Server Performing Replication Within the Site Based on the Directory Replication Schedule
262773 XADM: Permissions Tab on Address Book View Object Should Not Display Inherited Permissions
262695 XADM: Move Mailbox Does Not Continue After Encountering a Corrupted Mailbox
262578 XADM: Add Move User Event Logging
262491 XADM: Information Store Crashes When Using Antivirus Application Programming Interface
262271 XADM: Admin.exe Program Causes Access Violation When Attempting to Duplicate User
260912 XADM: Exchange Server Categorization Count Displays 4294967296 in Performance Monitor
260839 XADM: Installing Defense Message System Active Directory Connector Prevents Site Replication
260741 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Does Not Deliver Message to Other Recipients If 552 Code Is Returned from Remote Server
260701 XADM: Reducing the Large Number of Public Folder Status Messages
260695 XADM: Third-Party Backup Program May Stop Working After Applying Fix
260554 XFOR: Microsoft Mail Connector Leaks Memory on Windows 2000 Server
260167 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Communicating with Other Message Transfer Agents in the Same Site
260063 XADM: News Article with Followup-To Property Defined Cannot Be Posted
259881 XADM: Unexpected Event ID 2078 in Application Event Log Occurs When a Client Has Multiple Transport Providers
259675 XADM: Isinteg Utility Does Not Correct Mailbox Item Count
259541 XADM: Store Hangs During Move Mailbox Process
259487 XADM: Isinteg Loops If the Folder's Parent Does Not Exist in the Information Store
259163 XADM: Recipients Cannot Open Attachments If Virus Scanning Interfaces Are Enabled
259146 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Slow When Sending to Multiple Servers in the Same Site
258999 XIMS: Internet Mail Containing Null Originating Address of Mail From:<> Is Rewritten by the Internet Mail Service as
258731 XFOR: Internet Message Access Protocol Migration Extractor Does Not Work with Event ID 14002
258705 XADM: Site Addressing Is Generating Incorrect SMTP Address for "%g.%s.%m"
258704 XIMS: SMTP Proxy Adds a Trailing Period (.) for the Template Containing "%g.%m.%s"
258505 XADM: Information Store Receives Access Violation When UTF-8 and UTF-7 Client Logs On
258319 XADM: Temporary File Grows Until Disk Space Is Consumed When Sending or Receiving Mail with Attached File
258056 XADM: Store Generates 3079 and 3084 Errors When It Cannot Rehome a Public Folder Correctly
258006 XADM: Free and Busy Information for Resources May Disappear While Using Auto-Accept Script
257698 XFOR: Migration Wizard Stops Responding While Migrating Calendar Data from Lotus Notes
257678 XWEB: Outlook Web Access Unable to Send Message to SMTP User By Using X.400 Address
257578 XCON: Internet Mail Service Does Not Respond if Recipient Does Not Have an Address Type
256879 XADM: Mbclean Stops Unexpectedly Because of Memory Corruption
256656 BUG: Error Occurs When Using Site Server Search in Outlook 2000
256467 XADM: Information Store Does Not Log Message in Application Event Log on Delivery
256350 XCON: PR_CONTENT_CORRELATOR Greater Than 2 Bytes Causes MTA Event ID 246
256315 XADM: Information Store Stops Unexpectedly Writing to Message Tracking Log Because of NULL Address
256294 XADM: Server Delegate Rule Is Disabled by External E-Mail Message
256245 XADM: Mailbox Manager Deletes All Recurring Calendar Items
256114 XIMS: Access Violation at CMtsOutQueue::LoadCachedDetailInfo on Msexcimc.exe When a Comma Is Included in E-Mail Address
255894 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Does Not Support MSP4 Content Type
255879 XCLN: Appointments Created Using Collaboration Data Objects Off by One Hour
255768 XADM: Mbclean Report Messages Are Composed in German
255766 XCON: MSExchangeMTA Service May Stop Unexpectedly with "Access Violation" Error Message
255673 XADM: Unwanted Replication of Address Book Views
255251 XADM: Cannot View Free and Busy Consistently
255193 XWEB: Outlook Web Access First Chance Exception in the Cdo.dll File
255024 XCON: SMTP Addresses Can Be Encapsulated in RFC-822 Domain Defined Attributes Instead of SMTP Domain Defined Attributes
255019 XCON: MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay Maps an Incoming SMTP Address Even If a Global Address List Entry Is Available
254998 XCON: MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay Maps X.400 Address to SMTP Address Rather than Encapsulating X.400 Address in the SMTP Address
254992 XCON: MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay Encapsulates X.400 Addresses in the Wrong SMTP Address
254976 XCON: MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay Does Not Map SMTP Subdomains to Organizational Units
254916 XFOR: Line Is Overwritten When Sending Files to an Exchange Server Recipient by Using Exchange PROFS Connector
254893 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Does Not Generate the Non-Delivery Report to the Sender
254818 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Processing E-Mail over X.400 Connector with Event ID 9156
254812 XADM: Message Transfer Agent Backlogs to Private and Public Information Store
254800 XADM: Rules Do Not Work When Using Custom Recipient from the Global Address List
254725 XCON: (040) and (041) in Domain Defined Attribute Addresses Cause Non-Delivery Reports
254720 XADM: Installation of French Mailbox Manager on Cluster Server Does Not Work with 80004005
254576 XADM: The Isinteg Utility Reports ecCorruptData-MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA
254552 XADM: Slow Information Store Startup Because of Unnecessary Cleanup of Public Folder Restrictions
254540 XCON: GroupWise Router Has Trouble with Multiple Messages with Same Attachment Name
254533 XADM: Incoming Internet Message Shows Corrupted Display Name
254380 XFOR: Exchange.Box Compaction Occurs Even When Notes Maintenance Is Disabled
254334 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Responding in EMSMTA!o4puinqh After Dereferencing a Pointer
254282 XIMS: Memory Leaks in MMC Snap-in and ChatCommand Object of Chat Server
254230 XADM: Appointments Become Unusable or Are Deleted After You Run Isinteg in Fix Mode
254091 XADM: Folder Names Become Question Marks in the Report Message from MBClean
254064 XFOR: Exchange Connector for SNADS Delivery Receipt Does Not Work in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3
254035 XADM: Stack Overflow While Deleting Child Folders in a Deep Hierarchy
254027 OL98: Password Expires; No Prompt to Change Password
253867 XFOR: URL Links Not Active When HTML Message Routed to Notes
253718 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Event IDs 2110, 2171
253712 XFOR: Problems with Attachments Sent over the Exchange Notes Connector
253620 XCLN: Non-Delivery Report from "Ghost" Recipients
253619 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Logs Event 3150 When Receiving an Invalid Message from the Internet Mail Service
253358 XWEB: Outlook Web Access Issue Generates Stack That Contains CDO!FEqBin+0xa
253350 XCON: Perflib Module Reports that the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Performance Monitor Will Not Return Data on Windows 2000 Server
253349 XCON: Response Files from GroupWise Are Put in Badfiles Folder
253348 XCON: Exchange Server Cannot Reply All to Notes Recipients that Only Have a Last Name and No Notes Proxy Address
253347 XCON: Comments File in Gw2mexa Folder Stops Calendar Items from Being Sent to Exchange Server
253261 XFOR: Large Temporary Proxy Address Tables Become Corrupted and CTCleanup Procedure Cannot Clean up Tables
253216 XADM: Online Backup Does Not Detect Corruption on a Multiprocessor Computer if Buffer Size Is Larger than 64 Kilobytes
253029 XFOR: Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes to Support Attachments Inside Embedded Messages
253011 XFOR: Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Does Not Use the StartDate Property
252820 XADM: Information Store Stops Responding When an IMAP4 User Logs on to an Orphaned Mailbox
252819 XFOR: Read Receipt from cc:Mail Loses Content
252773 XADM: Deleting All Custom Forms Deletes Contact Distribution List
252757 XCLN: Memory Leak in Loop Accessing Collaboration Data Objects
252689 XCON: Extended Characters in Attachment Names Are Mishandled by Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise
252624 XIMS: Internet Mail That Contains Illegal X-Mac-Creator Attribute Is Archived After Upgrading to Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3
252494 XWEB: Attachments Cannot Be Opened in OWA 5.5 SP3
252433 XCON: How to Configure the Message Transfer Agent to Perform Routing Based on the Content Type
252345 XADM: Information Store Stops with Access Violation in FEqCAI
251318 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Uses Node IP Address Instead of Cluster IP Address
251107 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Can Now Set Reply To Address Based on the X.400 Connector Used
251049 XFOR: Lotus Notes Directory Synchronization Allows Specification of Read Only Field for Selected Attributes
251018 XFOR: Configure Migration Wizard with Lotus cc:Mail 8.5 32-bit Executables
250671 XFOR: Notes Group Type Attribute Does Not Synchronize to Exchange Server Directory
248838 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-SP3 Information Store Fixes Available
246889 XIMS: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-SP3 Internet Mail Service Fixes Available

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