INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 3 Is Available

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The Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 hotfix package 3 contains several COM+ fixes to correct the problems that are listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
269468 FIX: Queuing Remote Subscriptions Fails
275441 FIX: ObjectContext Item Collection Is Empty When You Debug Under COM+
275442 FIX: Failfasts in Jit.cpp When Microsoft VM Uses IEnterActivityWithNoLock
275482 FIX: COM+ 1.0 Catalog Requires NTLM-based Authentication
275878 FIX: Program Runs More Slowly After Migration from MTS on Windows NT 4.0 to COM+ on Windows 2000
277821 FIX: Access Violation When You Migrate MTS Application to COM+
289615 FIX: Java Components Invoked from JScript May Generate Error Message
290425 FIX: Access Violation When COM+ Object Passes a Struct That Is Defined as an [out] Parameter
290503 FIX: Access Violation When You Use Object Pooling in a COM+ Server Application
297691 FIX: Remote Registry Handle That DTC Proxy Opens Is Not Closed When DTC Proxy Is Released
297692 FIX: PropertyBag Objects Fail Under COM+ When They Are Passed in Same COM+ Application
297693 FIX: WSC File Is Not Included in the MSI File When You Export COM+ Application as a "Server Application"
297696 FIX: COM+ Dispenser Manager Enlists New Connection When Free Connection Already Exists
297698 FIX: Windows 2000 SP1 Breaks Hotfix for Q260353
297699 FIX: COM+ User Events That Are Posted as SAFEARRAYs Do Not Work
297701 FIX: ActiveX EXEs That Run as the Launching User May Use the Wrong Desktop
297702 FIX: Events That Are Published to PerUser Transient Subscribers May Not Be Received
297705 FIX: Inaccurate Date/Time Stamp When You Export or Import a COM+ Application to New Server
297707 FIX: Load Balancer Activator Does Not Check to See If Server Name Is Already Set
The English version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later:
   Date        Time    Version        Size     File name   --------------------------------------------------------   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    165,648  Catsrv.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    571,152  Catsrvut.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464     95,504  Clbcatex.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    508,176  Clbcatq.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464     37,648  Colbact.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464  1,397,520  Comsvcs.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    805,632  Dtcsetup.exe   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    234,256  Es.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    641,296  Msdtcprx.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464  1,120,528  Msdtctm.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464     52,496  Mtxclu.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464     23,824  Mtxdm.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    104,208  Mtxoci.dll   10/03/2000  09:13p  5.0.2195.2407  938,768  Ole32.dll   10/03/2000  09:13p  5.0.2195.2407  184,592  Rpcss.dll   10/03/2000  08:58a  2000.2.3464    382,736  Txfaux.dll				
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