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How to use SPQuery to query a list in SharePoint Server 2013

This article describes how to use SPQuery to query a list in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.
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To use SPQuery in SharePoint Management Shell, refer to the following example script:
$web=Get-SPWeb http://sps15/sites/SiteName #This URL is the URL of Your SharePoint Site$list=$web.Lists["Task"] #"Task" is the name of the list.$query=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery$query.Query = "<where><eq><FieldRef Name='status'/><value Type='CHOICE'>Not Started</value></eq></where>"# 'Status'is the name of the List Column. 'CHOICE'is the information type of the Column.$SPListItemCollection = $list.GetItems($query)$SPListItemCollection.Count$SPListItemCollection | select Web, DisplayName$web.Dispose()$list=$web.Lists["Task"] $query=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery$query.Query="<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Age'/><Value Type='Number'>400</Value></Eq></Where>" $SPListItemCollection = $list.GetItems($query)$SPListItemCollection.Count$SPListItemCollection | select Web, DisplayName$web.Dispose()
To use SPQuery in C# applications, refer to the following example code: 

  static void Main(string[] args)        {                    SPSite cursite=new SPSite("http://sps15/sites/new");//This URL is the URL of your SharePoint Site.        SPWeb curweb = cursite.OpenWeb();        SPQuery curQry = new SPQuery();        curQry.Query = "<where><eq><FieldRef name='status'/><value type='CHOICE'>Not Started</value></ep></where>";        SPList mylist = curweb.Lists["Task"];//Task is the name for the list.          SPListItemCollection curitems = mylist.GetItems(curQry);          foreach (SPListItem curitem in curitems)          {              string resultitem = curitem["Title"].ToString();              Console.Write(resultitem+"\n\r");          }        if (curweb != null)        {            string title = curweb.Title;            Console.Write(title);        }                                }
To identify the information type of the information in a column in a list, follow these steps:
  1. Log on to the SharePoint site by using the administrator credential for the site collection.
  2. Open a list such as Task.
  3. On the List menu, click List Settings.
  4. View the information type in the Column section.


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