The ConfirmConversions property in Macro changes the "Confirm Conversion at Open" option in Word

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When you use the ConfirmConversions property in a Visual Basic for Applications macro, the command may change the setting of the Confirm conversion at Open option.

For example, if the Confirm conversion at Open option is turned on (selected), and you run the following example macro code
Sub MyDocumentOpenMacro()   Documents.Open "C:\My Documents\Address.txt", ConfirmConversions:=FalseEnd Sub				
the ConfirmConversions property turns off the Confirm conversion at Open option (clears the check box).

As a result, when you open documents (on the File menu, click Open) that are not in the Word Document format, Word does not prompt you to select which converter to use to open the document.
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To work around this problem, test the condition of the Confirm conversion at Open option before you open your file in Word, and then reset the option back to its original setting after your macro opens your file.
Sub MyDocumentOpenMacro()Dim x As Integer   ' Set x equal to the current setting of the Confirm conversion at Open   ' option before opening your file.   x = Application.Options.ConfirmConversions   ' Open your file.   Documents.Open "C:\My Documents\Address.txt", ConfirmConversions:=False   ' Use a conditional statement to set the Confirm conversion at Open   ' option back to its setting (value of x) before opening your file.   If x = "0" Then      Application.Options.ConfirmConversions = False   Else      Application.Options.ConfirmConversions = True   End IfEnd Sub				
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
The Confirm conversion at Open option is a global setting in Word that applies to all documents that you open. If you want to manually select the converter that Word uses to open a file, click to select the Confirm conversion at Open check box. If you want Word to select the correct converter automatically and open the document, click to clear this check box.

To change the setting of the Confirm conversion at Open option, click Options on the Tools menu. Then click to select the General tab.

Note In Microsoft Office Word 2007, to change the setting of the Confirm conversion at Open option, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button.
  2. Click Word Options, and then click Advanced.

    The Confirm file format conversion on open check box is in the General group.

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