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The Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac Value Pack contains components thatcomplement Microsoft Office and the individual Office programs. This article contains brief descriptions for each item in the Value Pack and instructions for installing these items.

How to Install Value Pack Components

Use the Value Pack Installer to install the Value Pack components. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Insert the Microsoft Office 2001 compact disc (CD) into the CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive.
  2. Open the Value Pack folder on the Office 2001 CD.
  3. Double-click Value Pack Installer.
  4. Click to select any items in the list that you want to install. To see a list of the available components for a Value Pack component, click the triangle next to the program. A dash (-) in the check box for a Value Pack component indicates that some, but not all, options are selected for that program. An X in the check box for a Value Pack component indicates that all components are selected for that program. An empty check box indicates that no components will be installed for that Value Pack component.
  5. Click Continue.
If a Select Folder prompt appears, select the Microsoft Office 2001 folder on your hard disk that you chose as the install location for Office 2001.

The selected Value Pack components are added to the existing Microsoft Office installation.

The "Guide to the Value Pack" is an HTML file that is available in the Value Pack folder. This file contains additional information about components of the Office 2001 Value Pack that complement Office and the individual programs.

Description of Value Pack Components

  • Assistants: The Office Assistant provides Help topics and tips in individual Office programs and is shared by all Office programs. You can select an assistant that matches your personality and the way that you work. A single assistant is installed by default with Microsoft Office 2001; however, you can install and then select any of the additional assistants in the Value Pack. To install additional Office Assistants, run the Value Pack Installer, and then select the Assistants check box. To install individual assistants, click the triangle next to the Assistants check box, and then select only the assistant that you want.
  • Clip art: You can install additional clip art files, background textures, movies, and animated GIFs that you can add to your Microsoft Office documents and presentations. Clip art files installed from the Value Pack are located in the Microsoft Office 2001:Clip Art folder.
  • Equation Editor: The Equation Editor is a program that allows you to insert mathematical equations in your Microsoft Excel workbooks, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. Using Equation Editor, you can build complex equations by picking symbols from a toolbar and typing variables and numbers. A more powerful version of Equation Editor is available from Design Science, Inc. For more information, please browse to the following Web site:
  • Analysis Toolpak add-in: The Analysis Toolpak add-in for Microsoft Excel provides a set of data analysis tools that you can use to save steps when you develop complex statistical or engineering analyses. You provide the data and parameters for each analysis; the tool uses the appropriate statistical or engineering macro functions and displays the results in an output table or chart.
  • Lookup Wizard add-in: The Lookup Wizard add-in for Excel helps you find other values in a row when you know the value in one column, and vice versa. For example, if you have an inventory list of product numbers, descriptions, and prices, you can quickly find the description or the price of a product when you type the appropriate product number.
  • Set Language add-in: The Set Language add-in for Excel enables you to check spelling and grammar in multiple languages in Excel.
  • Excel Type Libraries: If you want to use Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications macros that were created in a non-English version of Microsoft Excel 5.0, you must install the localized type library to translate and open the macros in Excel 2001. The Value Pack Installer includes Excel type libraries for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. When you install Excel type libraries, the files are added to the System Folder:Extensions:Type Libraries folder.
  • Fonts: You can install additional TrueType fonts to help you create, view, and print great-looking documents. These additional fonts are installed in the System Folder:Fonts folder, so they are available in any Macintosh program.
  • Genigraphics Wizard: When you need to convert your PowerPoint presentation to slides, transparencies, or other printed media, the Genigraphics Wizard guides you through the process of sending your files to Genigraphics, a company that produces printed presentations from PowerPoint files, for overnight processing.
  • Handheld Synchronization: If you use a handheld device, you can synchronize or transfer items between Microsoft Entourage and your handheld device. When you synchronize, Entourage copies the contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar events to and from your handheld device.
  • Microsoft Query: Microsoft Query is a program for bringing data from external sources into Microsoft Excel. By using Query to retrieve data from your corporate databases and files, you can avoid retyping the data you want to analyze in Excel. You can also update your Excel reports and summaries automatically from the original source database, whenever the database is updated with new information.

    NOTE: Microsoft Query requires ODBC drivers to access external data. These drivers are not included on the Microsoft Office 2001 CD. For more information about installing the ODBC drivers and other Query installation issues, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
    276503 How to Install Microsoft Query in Office 2001
  • Microsoft Works 4.0 Converter: This converter allows you to open your Microsoft Works 4.0 word-processing documents in Microsoft Word. NOTE: This converter does not open spreadsheet documents.
  • Proofing Tools: You can install Microsoft Office 2001 hyphenation, dictionary, and thesaurus files for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. English proofing tools are installed as part of the Office 2001 Easy Install option.
  • Programmability: The Programmability group of components includes sample macros for Excel and Word, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, required to run the macros), VBA Help, and the Solver add-in for Excel, which calculates solutions to what-if scenarios based on adjustable cells and constraint cells.
  • Templates: To create great-looking Office documents, you can install and use additional templates and wizards for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Text Encoding Converter: This Apple extension allows you to convert between the script systems used in many different languages. It is usually installed with Mac OS versions 8.0 and 9.0, but it is provided here for your convenience.
  • Unbinder: Binders created in Microsoft Office Binder for Windows can contain any of the following file types: Excel workbooks, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. On the Macintosh, you cannot work on files while they are in a binder, but you can work on them separately in the Office program that each was created in. You can use the Microsoft Unbind utility to separate files from a binder. When you install the Unbind utility, the Unbind file is added to the Microsoft Office 2001 folder.
  • Word 97-2001 Converter: With the Microsoft Word 97-2001 Converter, users of Microsoft Word 5.1 or Word 6.0 for the Macintosh can open documents that were created in either Word 97 for Windows and later, or Word 98 Macintosh Edition and later. Previously, if your computer had Word 5.1 or Word 6.0 for the Macintosh installed, and you wanted to open a document created in later versions of Word, the person who created the document had to save the file in a format that you could work with. After installing this converter, you can open Word 97 files and begin working in the document.

    The Word 97-2001 Converter Installer is located in the Value Pack:Shared Applications:Text Converters folder on your Microsoft Office 2001 CD. Copy this file onto the computer that has Word 5.1 or 6.0 installed. Double-click the file to begin the installation. The installer provides complete instructions for how to install and use the converter. You can also print the instructions during the installation process.
  • WordPerfect 5 Converters: These files allow you to open and save WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1 files using Word 2001. To install the files, you must first install Word 2001. Open the Value Pack:Shared Applications:Text Converters folder on your Office 2001 CD, and find files named WordPerfect 5.x and WordPerfect Graphics. Copy both of these files into the Microsoft Office 2001:Shared Applications:Text Converters folder on your hard disk drive.

    After you install the converter files, Word 2001 can open WordPerfect 5.x documents. You can also use the Save As command to save your files as WordPerfect 5.0 or 5.1 files.
The following components that were installed by the Value Pack Installer in Office 98 are not available in the Office 2001 Value Pack:

  • Administrative tools
  • Bookshelf Integration
  • Business Tools and Templates

    Additional templates and business tools are installed with other Value Pack components, such as Templates.
  • Remove Old Office Versions
  • Default Save Folder
  • Data Access

    Data Access was moved to Microsoft Query and no longer provides the required ODBC drivers.
  • Microsoft Movie
  • Microsoft Office Manager

    For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    271983 OFF2001: Microsoft Office Manager (MOM) Not Available with 2001
  • More Help
  • PowerPoint Translators (installed when the program is installed)
  • Batch Converter
  • Word 97-98 Import Converter

    This item is installed as part of the standard installation.
  • Word Wizards and Templates

    These items are installed as part of the standard installation.
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