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Domain Trust requirements for deploying App-V v5 across multiple domains using the Full Infrastructure model

This article describes the domain trust requirements for deploying Microsoft App-V v5 across multiple domains using the Full Infrastructure model.
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All three App-V v5 web services use Windows Authentication as does Microsoft SQL Server. At least one domain is required when using the Full Infrastructure scenario.

Note that App-V servers and clients can be in one or in multiple domains and that all domains may be in the same forest or in multiple forests.

-When the App-V v5 Management Server is in DomainA and the App-V v5 Publishing Server is in DomainB, a two-way trust is required between DomainA and DomainB.

- Continuing the scenario above, when App-V clients are in DomainC then DomainB must trust DomainC

- When the App-V v5 Reporting Server is in DomainR, DomainR must trust DomainC.

- When the SQL Server is in DomainD:

The App-V v5 Management database requires that DomainD trust DomainA
The App-V v5 Reporting Database requires that DomainD trust DomainR

App-V v5 appv trust domain
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