XIMS: Information Store Stops Responding from an IMAP4 Download Because of Pointer to a CMDBMessage

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When an Internet Message Access Protocol, Version 4rev1 (IMAP4) message that contains a NULL pointer to a CMDBMessage is downloaded, the information store may stop responding.
This problem can occur if an embedded message is being fetched through IMAP4. The message is marked dirty when the GetBodyOffsets() function calls the RefreshMime() function. IMAP4 attempts to re-render the message, but there is no CMDBMessage to refresh because the message is an embedded message. The code needs to check for the presence of the CMDBMessage before the code tries to re-render the CMDBMessage.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
301378 XGEN: How to Obtain the Latest Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack
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Component: Information Store

File nameVersion

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. This problem was first corrected in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1.
This fix adds code to check for the NULL pointer and return an error, so that the information store does not stop responding.

The information store stops responding with the following call stack:
0:301> kb=6dfef784 6dfef784 00467c35ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child6dfef794 00774837 04001000 00000000 6dfef7b0 store!CMDBMessage__HrOpenMimeStream+0x1f6dfef7b0 007745cb 25a28c60 00000000 00000000 store!CMimeMessageOut__RefreshMime+0x496dfef7c0 0077247e 25a28c68 0000d3de 6dfef7e8 store!CMimeMessageOut__GetBodyOffsets+0x116dfef804 61b732fa 25dace88 662e0102 6dfef834 store!CIMapBodyPart__HrGetFileHandleProp+0x466dfef834 61b7459c 6dfef914 00000000 6dfef860 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRenderBodyPart+0x10d6dfef870 61b75147 6dfef914 265b3ab0 6dfef89c EXIMAP4!MCE__EcDetermine822Size+0x456dfef8c8 61b75763 6dfef914 25669b58 256df618 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveSinglepart+0xdc6dfefa10 61b74e1d 6dfefbf8 25a695f8 256052b8 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveMultipart+0x1956dfefb58 61b75434 6dfefbf8 25a087b4 00000002 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveBodyStructure+0x15d6dfefbac 61b75763 6dfefbf8 25b62218 25a63bb0 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveSinglepart+0x3086dfefcf4 61b74e1d 00000000 259a8f00 25a353e0 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveMultipart+0x1956dfefe3c 61b793b1 00000000 25b2f2dc 25b2f2d8 EXIMAP4!MCE__EcRetrieveBodyStructure+0x15d6dfefe5c 61b7951a 00000000 2df80698 256aeec0 EXIMAP4!IMAP4SC__EcProcessFetchInfo+0x4f86dfefe84 61b795fa 00000000 00000006 2df80690 EXIMAP4!IMAP4SC__EcQueueFetchSet+0x596dfefeb8 61b7980a 00000001 25f3aa28 2df80690 EXIMAP4!IMAP4SC__EcProcessFetchSet+0xa76dfefee8 61b723c9 2df80690 62f26f06 1a5dff9c EXIMAP4!IMAP4SC__HrFetch+0x13b6dfefef0 62f26f06 1a5dff9c 00000108 015dff0b EXIMAP4!HrFetch+0x1a6dfeff28 62f26bf0 00000108 00000001 00000000 EPOXY!CEpoxyQ__DispatchRequest+0xed6dfeff78 62f27307 00000000 1a5dff98 00000000 EPOXY!CEpoxyQ__IOCPNotification+0x16c6dfeff8c 61bd1aa0 00000000 00000000 00000000 EPOXY!CEpoxyQ__Invoke+0x17					
crashed crash is

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