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MOD2000: Supporting Files for ActiveX Controls in Microsoft Office 2000 Developer

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For a Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition version of this article, see 163183.
When you distribute an ActiveX control with your run-time application,include the .ocx file for the ActiveX control and any .dll or othersupporting files needed by the control.

To make this easier, the Package and Deployment Wizard supports the use of dependency (.dep) files. The .dep file for an ActiveX control contains information specifying the files that are required to use the control. Each ActiveX control supplied with Microsoft Office 2000 Developer (MOD) hasa corresponding .dep file.

This article lists the supporting files that appear in the .dep files forthe ActiveX controls included in MOD.
More information
The following file or files are required for the ActiveX controls included with Microsoft Office 2000 Developer (MOD).

   ActiveX            Required          Supporting       Dependent   Control            File Name         File Name(s)     File Name   ------------------------------------------------------------------   DataGrid           MSDATGRD.OCX      MSSTDFMT.DLL     MSDATGRD.DEP                                         COMCAT.DLL     DataList           MSDATLST.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSDATLST.DEP    Flexgrid           MSHFLXGD.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSHFLXGD.DEP    ADO Data Control   MSADODC.OCX       COMCAT.DLL       MSADODC.DEP                                         MSSTDFMT.DLL     Common Controls    MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    TabStrip           MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    ToolBar            MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    StatusBar          MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    ListView           MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    ImageList          MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    Slider             MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    ImageCombo         MSCOMCTL.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCTL.DEP    Animation          MSCOMCT2.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCT2.DEP    UpDown             MSCOMCT2.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCT2.DEP    MonthView          MSCOMCT2.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCT2.DEP    DateTimePicker     MSCOMCT2.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCT2.DEP    FlatScrollbar      MSCOMCT2.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       MSCOMCT2.DEP    Common Dialog      COMDLG32.OCX      COMCAT.DLL       COMDLG32.DEP    Internet Transfer  MSINET.OCX        COMCAT.DLL       MSINET.DEP 				
NOTE: All .dll and .ocx files should be installed in the C:\Windows\Systemfolder so that they can be shared with other applications. The Package and Deployment Wizard suggests this path automatically for ActiveX (.ocx) control files.
ActiveX Control DataGrid DataList Flexgrid ADO Data Common Controls TabStrip ToolBar StatusBar ListView ImageList Slider ImageCombo Animation UpDown MonthView DateTimePicker FlatScrollbar Dialog Internet Transfer Winsock Rich Textbox Tabbed SysInfo Custom setup wizard

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Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition

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