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The Server App-V sequencing process fails with "The Sequencer could not stop the MSIServer service"


When sequencing an application using the Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (Server App-V) sequencer, after checking “I am done installing” and clicking Next (the first stop monitoring phase) you may receive the following error:

The Sequencer could not stop the "MSIServer" service. Please ensure that no MSI installations or Windows Update operations are currently in progress.

There are unresolved issues with creating this package. You will not be able to use the Configure Software page of this wizard. Although the package can still be created successfully, to configure the applications contained in this package you must open the package for upgrade, or create a new application.

Although the error indicates that the package was still created, the package is incomplete and cannot be used. For example, you may notice that files are missing from the package, the DeploymentConfig.xml file for the package is empty, etc.

This can occur if all of the current Windows Updates have not been applied to the sequencing computer.
To resolve this issue as well as prevent it from happening in the future, before beginning the sequencing process ensure that all Windows Updates have been applied to the sequencing computer and that no updates are in progress.
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