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SDP[eec9fd3d-2bf2-4771-b393-ae773c88f478]Description of the Exchange Unified Messaging Server diagnostics package

The Exchange Unified Messaging Server diagnostic package collects comprehensive information for troubleshooting Exchange Unified Messaging Server issues.
More information
This article describes information that may be collected from a computer that is running the Exchange Unified Messaging Server diagnostics package.

Typically, the output file name contains a prefix. This prefix includes the name of the item for which the output was generated. For example, the prefix may contain the computer name, the cluster name, the storage group name, or the database name.

Information collected

Note In these tables, {prefix} is the name of the item for which the output was generated.

Information about Exchange Unified Messaging Server

DescriptionFile name
Dial plan{prefix}_UM_Dialplan.TXT
IP gateway{prefix}_UM_IPGateway.TXT
Hunt group{prefix}_UM_HuntGroup.TXT
Mailbox policy{prefix}_UM_MailboxPolicy.TXT
Auto attendant{prefix}_UM_AutoAttendant.TXT
Server info{prefix}_UM_Server.TXT
Event Logs
DescriptionFile name
Event Log – Application – text, csv and evt/evtx formats {prefix}_evt_Application.*
Event Log – System – text, csv, and evt/evtx formats{prefix}_Virtualization.TXT
Information about the operating system and whether the destination computer is a VM
DescriptionFile name
Reports virtualization status of target VM{prefix}_Virtualization.htm
Reports virtualization status of target VM{prefix}_Virtualization.TXT
Networking Information
DescriptionFile name
Basic IP networking configuration information, such as Tcp/ip registry key, ipconfig,
arp,netstat, nbtstat and netsh output
Output from the netdiag.exe utility{prefix}_netdiag.txt
Firewall information from netsh firewall(prefix}_FirewallConfig.TXT
Netsh information for IPv4{prefix}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv4.TXT
Netsh information for IPv6{prefix}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv6.TXT
Netsh information for TCP global and chimney{prefix}_TCPIP-Netsh-TCP.TXT
DescriptionFile name
Installed updates and hotfixes{prefix}_Hotfixes.*
System information{prefix}_sym_*.*
Server Role information{prefix}_ServerManagerCmdQuery.*
Copy of ServerManager.log from Windows\Logs folder{prefix}_ServerManager.log
Process and threads information via pstat.exe{prefix}_PSTAT.txt
Storage / Disk Information
DescriptionFile name
Fibre Channel Information via FCInfo.exe utility{prefix}_FCInfo.txt
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) information{prefix}_VSSAdmin.txt
Active Directory and Policy Information
Descriptionile name
Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) information via gpresult.exe{prefix}_GPResult.*
Security templates currently cached on the system{prefix}_AppliedSecTempl.txt
Functional Level and Group Membership information{prefix}_DSMisc.txt


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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise

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