Touch gesture to open Charms bar in Windows 8 may not work after calibrating display in Tablet PC Settings applet

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a touch-enabled certified Windows 8 PC.
  • In the Tablet PC Settings Control Panel applet, you use the Calibration tool to calibrate your display for touch.

In this scenario, when trying to invoke the Charms menu with a swipe gesture, it may fail to appear.

The Digitizer Calibration Tool in the Control Panel Tablet PC Settings applet is not intended for certified Windows 8 touch-enabled PCs. They should come from the OEM manufacturer already pre-calibrated and should not need further calibration. Changing the calibration using the tool in Tablet PC Settings may cause unexpected behavior when using gestures on the touch display.

The intended use of the calibration tool in Tablet PC Settings is for pen digitizers and legacy touch digitizers. For example, it may be used when accounting for the differences in the way that a person holds the pen where the tilt of the pen impacts where the pen is registered on the screen. Another example would be using the tool to account for drift in calibration on a legacy touch digitizer.

To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. At the Windows 8 Start screen, open Control Panel. If you have a keyboard attached, you can find Control Panel by either typing it in to evoke the Search Charm or by using the Windows Key + X shortcut. Otherwise, you can invoke the Charms bar with a swipe gesture and use the Search option and on-screen keyboard to find it.
  2. Open the Tablet PC Settings applet in Control Panel.
  3. Under "Display options", select the "Reset" button.

This will restore the default calibration of the touch screen.

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