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Fonts that are installed with Microsoft Office 2013 products

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When you install a Microsoft Office 2013 product, many fonts are installed on your computer. This article describes the fonts that are added and removed when you install Office 2013. 

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The following table lists the fonts that are installed by Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013: 

Note Other versions of Office 2013 install a smaller selection of fonts.

FileFont name
CalibriL.ttfCalibri Light
CalibriLI.ttfCalibri Light Italic
Aparajb.TTFAparajita Bold
Aparajbi.TTFAparajita Bold Italic
Aparaji.TTFAparajita Italic
Arabtype.ttfArabic Typesetting
Arialuni.ttfArial Unicode MS (TrueType)
ariblk.ttfArial Black
comic.ttfComic Sans MS
comicbd.ttfComic Sans MS Bold
comicz.ttfComic Sans MS Bold Italic
comici.ttfComic Sans MS Italic
gadugib.ttfGadugi Bold
georgiab.ttfGeorgia Bold
georgiaz.ttfGeorgia Bold Italic
georgiai.ttfGeorgia Italic
kokilab.ttfKokila Bold
kokilabi.ttfKokila Bold Italic
kokilai.ttfKokila Italic
leelawdb.ttfLeelawadee Bold
MSJH.ttcMicrosoft JhengHei
MSJHBD.ttcMicrosoft JhengHei Bold
taiLeb.ttfMicrosoft Tai Le Bold
msuighur.TTFMicrosoft Uighur
MSUighub.ttfMicrosoft Uighur Bold
msyh.ttcMicrosoft YaHei
msyhbd.ttcMicrosoft YaHei Bold
mmrtext.ttfMyanmar Text
nirmala.ttfNirmala UI
nirmalab.ttfNirmala UI Bold
palab.ttfPalatino Linotype Bold
palabi.ttfPalatino Linotype Bold Italic
palai.ttfPalatino Linotype Italic
majalla.ttfSakkal Majalla
majallab.ttfSakkal Majalla Bold
segoeuisl.ttfSegoe UI Semilight
Shonar.ttfShonar Bangla
Shonarb.ttfShonar Bangla Bold
simpo.ttfSimplified Arabic
simpbdo.ttfSimplified Arabic Bold
trado.ttfTraditional Arabic
tradbdo.ttfTraditional Arabic Bold
trebuc.ttfTrebuchet MS
trebucbd.ttfTrebuchet MS Bold
trebucbi.ttfTrebuchet MS Bold Italic
trebucit.ttfTrebuchet MS Italic
UrdType.ttfUrdu Typesetting
utsaahb.ttfUtsaah Bold
utsaahbi.ttfUtsaah Bold Italic
utsaahi.ttfUtsaah Italic
Vanib.ttfVani Bold
verdanab.ttfVerdana Bold
verdanaz.ttfVerdana Bold Italic
verdanai.ttfVerdana Italic
vijayab.ttfVijaya Bold
The following table lists the fonts that are no longer installed by Microsoft Office 2013:

FileFont name
calibrib.ttfCalibri Bold
calibrii.ttfCalibri Italic
calibriz.ttfCalibri Bold Italic
cambriab.ttfCambria Bold
cambriai.ttfCambria Italic
cambriaz.ttfCambria Bold Italic
candarab.ttfCandara Bold
candarai.ttfCandara Italic
consolab.ttfConsolas Bold
consolai.ttfConsolas Italic
consolaz.ttfConsolas Bold Italic
constanb.ttfConstantia Bold
constani.ttfConstantia Italic
constanz.ttfConstantia Bold Italic
corbelb.ttfCorbel Bold
corbeli.ttfCorbel Italic
corbelz.ttfCorbel Bold Italic
meiryob.ttcMeiryo Bold

The following are fonts that are removed by Office 2013:

FileFont Name
KERENB.TTFGuttman-Keren Bold
GADII.TTFGuttman Adii
GADIL.TTFGuttman Adii Light
CALIG.TTFGuttman Calligraphic
GDAVIDB.TTFGuttman David
HODES.TTFGuttman Hodes
HODESB.TTFGuttman Hodes Bold
HODESL.TTFGuttman Hodes Light
SONC.TTFGuttman Soncino 
SONCB.TTFGuttman Soncino Bold
SONCL.TTFGuttman Soncino Light
TOLM.TTFGuttman Toledo
TOLB.TTFGuttman Toledo Bold

If you are looking for free fonts, shareware fonts, or commercial fonts, go to the following Microsoft typography website:

This website contains links to typography news headlines and typography contacts. This Web site also contains an updated database of more than 600 type-related and typography-related Web sites.


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