Duplicate Resource Names are allowed in PWA 2013


In Project Web App (PWA) 2013 there is no error checking for duplicate resource names, this is by design.  With the move to Online services Project will follow both Active Directory and SharePoint to allow duplicate display names for users.  They are differentiated by either the Windows User Account or Email Address as well as SID or GUID.  However, it is not recommend to have duplicate display names within PWA for resources for the reasons outlined below.

In Project Web App 2013 there are many features that do not expect duplicate display names.  These features then display data which may cause confusion for end users. 

Here is a possible scenario:

  1. In PWA Resource Center define two resources with the same Display Name of Terry Adams, with two unique User Logon Accounts defined, contoso\TAdams and contoso\TerryA respectively.
  2. Create an enterprise plan in either PWA or in Pro connected to the server, with two tasks called TaskA and TaskB. Save
  3. Build Team and select both Terrys, Save and Close.
  4. Assign the first Terry (TAdams) in the list to TaskA and second Terry (TerryA) to TaskB, Publish and Close.  Click OK to Check it in.
  5. Click the Resources link in the left navigation pane of PWA 2013
  6. Select both Terry Adam resources and click Resource Assignments from the Resources ribbon

Expected behavior - to see both resource names listed with their respective task assignments

Actual behavior - only one resource is displayed. This one resource will have either both tasks assigned to it or no tasks assigned.


To workaround this behavior do the following:

  1. Click on the Resources link in the left navigation pane to get back to the Resource Center.  Notice that only one "Terry Adams" is selected.
  2. Deselect the current "Terry Adams" and select the other one.  Click Resource Assignments again.  Now you see the resource assignments for the other Terry.

In summary, if two or more resources with the same name are selected to use in a feature, only the first resource will actually be used or viewed in the feature.

More Information

There are other features within PWA 2013 where only one resource of the duplicated resources will be displayed.  They are:

  • In the Resource Center select Open in Project with the duplicate resource names selected.  Only one resource displays in Professional.
  • In the Resource Center select Bulk Edit with the duplicate resource names selected. Only one resource displays for editing.
  • In the Resource Center select Resource Availability with the duplicate resource names selected. Only one resource displays.

For the above issues, you can workaround the problem by selecting only one of the duplicate resource names at a time before you attempt to use one of the features.

Best practice when dealing with duplicate resource names in Project Web Access would be to avoid them if possible by making all display names unique.  An example would be to append the department or title display names to differentiate one for another.


Note:  If you find other scenarios where duplicate names cause issues, please comment the article to have the information added.

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