Error: This file is corrupt when opening Office files downloaded from


This article addresses a specific set of circumstances. If you have:

  1. Installed Office 365 Home Premium Preview on a Windows 7 computer.
  2. Upgraded to Windows 8.
  3. Uninstalled Office 365 Home Premium Preview.
  4. Installed a purchased version of Microsoft Office 2013.
When you download a file through, the file gets labeled as "blocked" by Windows 8 and shows a This file is corrupt error message.

Perform an On-line repair
  1. Close all of your Office 2013 applications.
  2. Bring up Control Panel from the Apps menu and click Programs > Uninstall a Program.
  3. Click on Microsoft Office 365 and click Change.
  4. Choose Online Repair and click Repair.
This will remove Office 2013 from the computer and install the newest version.

Note: If you have difficulties running the Online Repair, you can uninstall Office using the Fix-It in KB 2739501, then go back to your My Account page to reinstall Office.


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