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Windows 8 does not support unlocking all PIN types through default UI

Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a Windows 8 PC with an integrated mobile broadband device.
  • You insert a SIM card into the PC.
  • The mobile broadband service provider issues you a PIN code (NetworkPin) to unlock the mobile broadband device (allowing the device to work with SIM cards from other service providers, for example).
  • You open Connection Manager and attempt to connect to a mobile broadband network.

In this scenario, a new window is shown prompting for the PIN to unlock the device and connect to the network. However, after entering the PIN code(NetworkPin), it is never successfully sent to the device to unlock it.
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This problem occurs because Windows only handles PIN codes of type PIN1 and PUK1. While Windows does expose APIs for a mobile operator to use their own application to handle other PIN types (PIN2, PUK2, NetworkPuk, etc.), no inbox UI exists to unlock other PIN types.
Windows 8; SIM unlock
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