Saving MPP to SharePoint site from Project fails


You synchronize an MPP file from Project Professional to a SharePoint Site the tasks synchronize but, the .mpp file is not saved to the SharePoint Site assets. In addition the following error message displays:

Sorry, we couldn't save your document to the specified location. Please check the following:

*You have the right permissions to save the document to the site.

*If you are saving to a SharePoint site, verify it has a Site Assets library and if not, create one.

*If you are saving to OneDrive, verify that the specified folder exits and you have access to it.

*If you are using a Windows Server operating system, verify the Desktop Experience feature is installed.


There are several scenarios where this symptom may occur.

Cause 1: This is a known issue when using Project Professional 2013 and Windows 8 operating system.

Cause 2: This may occur if you are using IE on the server that is hosting your SharePoint Sites.

Cause 3. The plan you are using to sync to SharePoint task list contains a link to an external task outside the plan.


Workaround for cause 1: Download and install the following Windows 8 patch  

Workaround for cause 2: Go to a client machine instead of using the server for testing.

Workaround for cause 3: You can delete Tasks list from the site, then sync the plan again after removing the external task link.  Below are detailed steps:

  1. Navigate to the Project Site where you attempted to sync your project plan.
  2. Click Site contents in the left navigation pane.
  3. Hover over the Tasks app to see the ellipses.
  4. Click the ellipses and then click REMOVE and then click OK.
  5. Refresh the browser to see that the Tasks list has been removed.
  6. Launch Project Professional and remove the external task.
  7. Click File and click Save As. Check to make sure the Sync settings are correct.
  8. Remove the list name from the box and then click Verify Site button.
  9. Retype the name of the list and the Save dialog will now be available. Click Save.
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