MSDAIPP allows remote access to Exchange Web Store

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The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing (MSDAIPP), also known as Internet Publishing Provider (IPP), can be used to access data in an Exchange Server Web Store. This article describes how to set up the provider for remote access.
MSDAIPP communicates to its data source through Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV). Because the Web Store understands WebDAV, MSDAIPP can be used to communicate with Exchange. MSDAIPP takes a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for its connection string. The format is as follows:
For example, to access the Inbox of the Administrator's folder on the server, you could use the following URL:
To access a message in a public folder, you could use the following URL:
The following code demonstrates how to use MSDAIPP to connect to an object in an Exchange Web Store.
Function GetRecord(Server As String, Path As String) As ADODB.Record    Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection    Dim rec As New ADODB.Record    Dim strURL As String    On Error GoTo err        'Create the URL to the folder.    strURL = "http://" & Server & "/" & Path    cn.Provider = "msdaipp.dso"    cn.Open strURL        'Open it.    rec.Open strURL, cn, adModeReadWrite, _      adCreateOverwrite Or adCreateNonCollection    Set GetRecord = rec    err:    If err.Number Then        Debug.Print "Error: " & err.Number        Debug.Print "Desc: " & err.Description        Debug.Print "Source: " & err.Source        err.Clear    End IfEnd Function				
IMPORTANT: MSDAIPP is not supported for use with Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange 2000 Server (CDOEX).

Also, MSDAIPP cannot run directly on the Exchange Server. Because MSDAIPP uses the WinInet application programming interface (API) to manage its HTTP connections, it is not supported in middle-tier or server-side applications. Applications that run directly on an Exchange 2000 server should use EXOLEDB instead.
For more information on Web Store HTTP URLs, see the documentation on Exchange 2000 and the Web Storage System in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK).

For more information on MSDAIPP, see the documentation for ActiveX Data Objects.

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