List of fixes that are included in System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1

This articles lists the problems that are fixed in Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1).
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Windows 8: UI will crash when you load a new created state View
Dashboards: Group picker does not show all groups in a large environment.
The console stops working when a state view with a self-contained object class is opened.
When too many consoles are running on the same computer under the same user account, the consoles might stop working.
Make next classes public: SeriesFactory and Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.DatatoSeriesController
The core data access DataModel causes PerformanceWidget to display a stale 'last value' in the legend.
After you create a new view, it might take a while before you can switch to it.
Dashboards: Initial loading can take a long time.
An item display is blank on the context menu of Forward to.
The console might not respond on Windows 8 when you select two tasks in Task Status to Show Combine Task Output.
You cannot remove a Web Application test From the UI.
The user interface might stop working when you open Monitoring->Discovery inventory panel in Windows 8.
To throw an exception when you click the Search button while creating Notification and Subscription and Management Pack, select Baselining Tasks Library.
Event view targeting Windows Computer can might not show the content.
After you open a new navigation pane from sub-view, clicking the Show button will cause the console to stop working.
The link to "Report an Issue or Suggestion to Microsoft" does not work.
Component task parameter overrides show no value in the Task interface and allow editing.
The Clear button cannot be used in the Management Packs panel after you use Ctrl + V to paste a string.
The scroll bar does not work in Operations Manager/Management Pack Health/Active alerts.
No data show when Counter/Instance are assigned (All). 
The Search Window view continues to load when you click Search-->Views or when you click Tools-->views.
An Operator cannot change the alert status on a scoped alert widget.
Windows 8: A task run that included a PowerShell script failed.
Windows 8 Test: Creating an event collection rule caused the interface to stop working.
Windows 8 Test: The table headline is black.
UI:Perf Widget: Using "%" in the name of a performance counter causes incorrect counters to display in the dashboard.
The link to an application monitoring event in Alert Widget does not work because the ampersand character is being Encoded to &
Operations Manager Aew string for Help About Copyright contains the misspelling: "POSSILBLE"
You cannot create a rule to get all traps from a device.
Windows 8: The agent was not deployed because wizard windows disappear on Windows 8 installed UI only.
Windows 8: The Operations Manager interface stops working when you insert an item in Create Rule Wizard.
System Center 2012 - Operations Manager: The Management Pack Template does not save changes made to Targeted Group.
Editing product or company knowledge requires Word 2003.
R2 State view - Overall Health Status for the column shows the health of a device in the first row only.
Windows 8: The New Dashboard and Widget Wizard dialog are empty when you create a dashboard from the desktop console.
Windows 8 Test: There is no group in single/multi object picker on Windows 8.
There was an error in Changing resolution state.
Network Summary Dashboard: There is an "Assertion Failed" exception in Network Summary Dashboard.
The Operations Manager console freezes when you navigate to a performance view.
Localized resources are in EN MP XMLs.
My WorkSpace: The error "Specified case is not valid" appears  after you create State View for Resource Pool Watcher.
There is incomplete information for Reporting Overview showing on the Operations Manager console.
Output is disordered when the sort properties contains ID in AlertDataQuery.
Remove the managed entity health calculation from the network dashboard stored procs.
eb console: An error occurred in Instance Details pane in Network Vicinity/Node Dashboard.
GetManagedEntitiesDataSource returns an invalid value for Path.
AlertDataProvider throws the exception "Key not Found exception"
System Center 2012 – Operations Manager: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Controls.SpeedometerGaugeUIController does not work correctly when 32-bit Internet Explorer launches the  web console.
The value in Speedometer Gauge in the SLA Dashboard disappears when Availability reaches 100 percent.
Operations Manager:  The Design a new report option link points to the wrong URL.
Windows 8: The filter is not in Scope in the web console.
Scope in web console displays a script error and the scope cannot be cleared.
The web console uses a fixed IV for key encryption.
Web Console FIPS compliance fixes
The web console cannot synchronize in the Favorite Views when delete folder contains some views in UI console.
Web console: Performance View does not work in Favorite views.
System Center 2012 – Operations Manager: The web console does not display the SLA view.
Windows 8, web console: In web application availability monitoring, when you select the location to get test results in the Detail Dashboard, you see an exception message.
Web console: You see a JavaScript script error when running the task “Show Failed Rules and Monitors for this Health Service”.
Web console: Icon of Task Status ‘CompletedWithInfo’ is missed
Web console: There is an empty option when you right-click Reserved Task chose Windows computer task in task status.
Web console: There is an XML transformation Exception in the State Change Events Context.
The link from the email notification to open the web console does not work.
Only the Operations Manager administrator can view charts in the web console.
.Net 4.5: When you go to Administration/Management Packs to import management packs on the computer where.NET Framework 4.5 was installed, the Operations console stops working.

Windows 8: An assertion failed dialog pops up when the "Select performance counter" dialog is open.
The Operations console stops working when the Network Interface Dashboard is opened.

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Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1

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