PRB: Browsing and Saving the Default MSXML XSL Stylesheet in Internet Explorer

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Attempting to save the default Microsoft Extensible Markup Language (MSXML) Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) stylesheet after opening the stylesheet in Internet Explorer does not persist the XSL to the specified file and location. No error or informational message displays to indicate that the save operation did not succeed. Attempting to run a 'View Source' when the XSL is displayed in the browser window causes the following informational message to appear:
The XML source file is unavailable for viewing.
The default MSXML XSL stylesheet is an internal resource. Internal resources cannot be overwritten or saved to a different location.
This behavior is by design.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

Use the steps that follow to reproduce this behavior. The computer on which you run these steps must have the MSXML parser installed.
  1. Open Internet Explorer and specify the following Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the Address bar to view the default MSXML XSL stylesheet:
  2. The preceding URI assumes that you have version 3.0 of the MSXML parser installed on your computer. If you have a different version of the parser, then the URI must be modified to specify the name of its core Msxml.dll file (Msxml4.dll for version 4.0 of the parser, Msxml2.dll for versions 2.x of the parser, Msxml.dll for version 1.0 of the parser, and so on).
  3. From the File menu in Internet Explorer, click Save As.... In the Save Web Page dialog box specify the folder and filename to which you want to save the default XSL stylesheet, and then click Save. When you try to open or locate the XSL, you notice that the stylesheet was not saved. Internet Explorer does not generate any error or informational message to indicate that the XSL stylesheet was not saved.NOTE: The default MSXML XSL stylesheet is an internal resource. Defaultss.xsl cannot be located by running a file search or by looking for it in Windows Explorer.
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Microsoft XML Parser 2.0, Microsoft XML Parser 2.5, Microsoft XML Parser 2.6, Microsoft XML Parser 3.0, Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0

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