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[SDP 5][A614A95E-1D3E-4069-B818-B1E9CD7385D9] Diagnostic SharePoint Engineer Troubleshooting Helper (SETH)

This SharePoint Engineer Troubleshooting Helper (SETH) manifest is designed to detect certain problematic conditions that may exist in the configuration of the server that is running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Important The problematic conditions are checked only on the server on which this manifest is executed. To make sure that you have maximum coverage, we recommend that you run SETH on every computer in the Microsoft SharePoint farm.

This article explains the operation of this manifest file.

Required permissions

The rules in the diagnostic package leverage the SharePoint Windows PowerShell snap-in to get information about your farm. Therefore, the account that is used to run the diagnostic package must either be the farm account or have been given the required permissions through the Add-SPShellAdmin command.

Note The farm account is the account in which the timer service and central administration site's application pool are running.

Some rules in this diagnostic package also must have local server administrative privileges to use remote and local administrative tools and to access secure system locations such as the registry. The following table can be used to reference the permissions that are required for each rule.

Permission codeDescriptionRequired permission
1Use SharePoint Windows PowerShell cmdlets to interact with the SharePoint farm.Farm administration
2Run queries against SharePoint databases.Farm administration
3Access server administrative tools.Server administrative
4Access files and other resources on the server.Server administrative
More information
This article describes the information that may be collected from a computer when you run SETH.

Information that is collected

Manifest results

The following table lists the files that are collected when you run SETH, and the information that each file contains.

DescriptionFile name
This file contains a clean version of the failure and of the warning conditions that are detected during the execution of the SETH manifest. The information that is included is as follows:
  • MachineName: Name of the computer for which the information is being collected (This can be modified to protect privacy prior to uploading to Microsoft.)
  • Timestamp: Date and time that the data was collected
  • RuleID: A GUID value that indicates which SETH rule was triggered (see the rules section later in this table for more information)
  • InstanceID: A GUID that is used to identify a particular instance of a RuleID that was triggered (You can have a rule applied multiple times on a computer, and have only certain instances trigger an alert. This value will help you to isolate that instance.)
This is the actual results of the SETH manifest. This is what is displayed back to the user to indicate that status of each rule that is executedResultReport.xml
This is the internal file generated as a by-product of the execution of the manifest. It contains no customer data.Results.xml
This is an xlst transform that formats the results in the ResultReport.xml file. It contains no customer data.Results.xsl
This file contains debug information that may be generated during the execution of the manifest. It also contains timings on each of the rules that are run. It may contain customer data; however, every attempt has been made to minimize the amount.SETH.O.debugreport.xml
This file contains additional debug information for the manifest execution. It may contain customer data; however, every attempt has been made to minimize the amount.Stdout.log
This file contains the environmental information for each computer in the farm. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • Computer name
  • Operating system name
  • Last reboot/uptime
  • Computer model
  • Processors
  • Computer domain
  • Role
  • Operating system language
  • Time zone
  • Total RAM
  • Drives (total and free space available)
This file contains SQL Server information from the SQL instance that hosts the SharePoint Configuration database. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • ProductVersion
  • ProductLevel
  • Edition
  • ServerName
  • InstanceName
  • MaxDegreeOfParallelism
  • LastUpdateDate
  • IsClustered
  • IsFullTextInstalled
  • IntegratedSecurity
This file contains the SharePoint information for each computer in the farm. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • SharePoint Configuration Database info
  • SharePoint services on server
Captures the IIS log for
Captures the PSCDiagnostic logs for
This file collects robust Office inventory. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • Computer info
  • Office product info
Captures the ULS log for computer%COMPUTERNAME%_uls_%LANG%_O14SP_ULSLogs
This file contains information about each computer in the farm. The information enables the detection of password synchronization issues. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • Computer name
  • Application pool name
  • User name (domain and user ID) under which the application pool runs
  • A password hash for the password that is associated with the application pool user name per computer
This file collects the time zone info for each server in the farm.%COMPUTERNAME%_tz_%LANG%_TimeZoneInfo
This is an xlst transform that formats the results in the %COMPUTERNAME%_SPSFarmReport_%LANG%_O14SP__%time%.xml file. SPSFarmReport.xslt
This file collects the SharePoint farm information. The information that is captured includes the following:
  • Farm general settings
  • Services on servers
  • Installed products on servers
  • Features on servers
  • Custom solutions
  • Service applications
  • Web applications
  • AAMs and authentication providers
  • Content databases
  • Content deployment
This file contains a summary of the performance and capacity values for the Audit Data table. The information in this file includes the following:

  • Total count of Audit Data table rows
  • Size of Audit Data Table on disk
  • Size of Audit Data Table on disk
  • Top 10 Days by count of rows
  • Top 10 Paths by count of rows
This file contains a summary of the All Doc Versions table. The information in this file includes the following:
  • Total count of table rows
  • Size of table on disk
  • Size of index on disk
  • Top 10 items by count of documents versions

System logs

Rule IDTitleDescription
Basic system information
3CAE6F84-C3F5-4DB2-80D1-66C15B7BEF2EFarm environment
FB2C97D5-3681-49B8-972F-8EF0379D7F80Farm Information
1A0049DC-543D-4F73-9555-CCE314C4A463SharePoint farm report


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
5C46FD14-B4AB-C0DE-DE06-51BD7641DAEABroken ASP.Net Output Cache1, 4

Capacity planning

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
3FADCA3A-DA90-49E3-BAD9-61F146329F9CSupported: 300 content databases per web application1​
D4B272DD-5DB9-47CB-9FAB-3CF3224EB916Threshold: 5,000 list items per folder1
7BF1F8F9-16F4-41D4-BC74-67F6BEB638BFCheck people search configuration1

Configuration settings

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
4402C39D-7F32-4448-8CD2-91133C7B63CFCheck for application pool recycle settings3
8B2B2A65-1FA3-4597-B217-73318182A8CEDisk-based cache at critical capacity4
3266CE69-EBEB-4D24-83E7-F75301B5025ECheck for enable32BitAppOnWin644
2F38FD7A-DEED-4D54-8711-8E3DC2301EAADetect databases that require an upgrade1
36161129-FE9F-4B2A-89E5-0075B95C18D2All Timer Service Servers in a farm should be in the same time zone1, 4
2AFDF425-D3FE-410B-A952-9E6B1A6B71DBTimer service servers should be in the same time zone as the Central Administration Servers1, 4
94636052-E114-4773-AADC-E31AE6E34270All Central Administration servers in a farm should be in the same time zone1, 4
8BFCA359-CAF2-4E5B-96B0-611E94E623BBVerify that each AAM Url has a backing IIS Site1
dc1a2159-a1aa-4b24-8922-6a91149f2632Check whether the Crawl Component's temp files folder exists4
78192395-6712-4093-9979-A699BF158D74Check whether the debug=true attribute is set in the web.config file4
9ECC571A-EBBA-C0DE-DE06-A0AE9B529E0BSupported unique permissions1, 2
78B579A4-E244-C0DE-DE06-9399DC13F645The permissions set on the User Information List will cause access denied to anonymous users1, 2
6A0085C3-4673-C0DE-DE05-4C8BC15F9F90Check SQL and SharePoint servers' system time differentiation1, 2
5D0F3BD2-6BED-C0DE-DE07-6FC5DBB510CFThe Farm Needs an Upgrade1
A94AC628-67DF-C0DE-DE07-8146B53F19C0Check for proxy in SharePoint1, 2, 4
D86A3935-2BA6-C0DE-DE06-6D20320FCA74SharePoint Service Connection Point4
33A8CA67-9771-C0DE-DE06-3FF3A4750358CRL Checking4
CA9E9DA7-CEF9-C0DE-DE07-F0D6131F1A23Check for Max Degrees of Parallellism1,2
EEA07685-E339-C0DE-DE07-9F7F97AC7E59InetPub moved to separate drive1,4
A356873F-80F4-C0DE-DE07-AA79A7B33821Registry offload settings1
1748BEEC-7617-C0DE-DE06-9E1E2ED206B7An account is missing from 'Allow log on locally'1,3
220B7176-A949-4467-86DA-D8E17DD2606BCheck immediate alerts and change log expiration timer jobs1
B4B17887-105F-46FF-B5FC-6FA513E9BC0CCheck if SQL Server Native Client is installed4
DB2D6406-5155-477A-AB9B-DF5E523AA7C0Check for disabled service accounts1, 4
8BD57286-B25C-43AA-B68C-B06721B49C89Check the amount of time before a user token times out1, 3


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
2CA3FFD-BF2D-C0DE-DE07-10CAF409D2ECCheck for SQL aliasing configuration on SharePoint servers4
805BCB31-A423-404A-9B42-06D91D687F7ASupported: 200 GB per content database1
4F51675D-8358-C0DE-DE06-E7074F5509BFCheck for Orphaned Databases1
D84F1744-0B7B-4648-B919-D4A146469AE3Check for Symantec tables in the configuration database4
E425A500-35ED-4FB5-8461-C4FD49031155Check the content database for orphaned objects1
090E1341-7670-48F6-BA80-518501C0C968Check for DeleteTransactionID statistics in AllUserData table1
0A0A4D14-3F86-409C-A6C0-F8E6680CE9D4Check for Data Source Name mismatch3
A8807C93-A607-4825-B97D-1A89F05717F0Check if Data Source Name is accessible3
BCBDBA07-B354-4A76-85AD-C8E5CE8AD315Check if database snapshots are enabled1
FE9646E1-BDEB-4960-A04A-F9571430932FCheck content database for outdated statistics1, 2

Hardware/software requirements

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
8F1C132D-2656-4D8D-9E58-606C0F97B748Check for minimum hardware configuration3


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
B0DDF561-1DA7-4322-A932-A67288AC18A6PageHandler-Integrated is missing in in the IIS configurationIsapi-dll is missing in in the IIS configuration4
F50E4D49-0CAB-43D4-8017-F0F4EA8A055AIsapi-dll is missing in in the IIS configuration4
85AAE3C9-CF71-43B0-82B4-192C217418EEA default ISAPI filter is missing from IIS4
E0F560F7-AAE6-46E5-97A3-5DD30D0D9002A default ISAPI filter is missing from IIS4
6ED6FCB6-8917-4953-8279-8A09944BBA23Detecting if the webgarden is enabled on Sharepoint Servers1
31F03482-5F56-CODE-DE06-09ED192B294CSupport Column Limits1, 2
9B63EB2E-8951-CODE-DE06-E3C5D56C289BSupported SQL row wrapping for columns1, 2
967EFFC6-607D-C0DE-DE07-3896CEFF955FSupported Application Pool .NET Framework1, 4
3425A50A-CDD8-41D4-AA89-6512611E7E0FVerify that defaultProvider="AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider" if roleManager enabled="true" for CA1, 4
C67C8509-84C6-4672-9C4D-34CEF56DA742PageParserPath directives are not configured correctly4
E48E43B2-CC86-446B-A114-6CA162C827B8PageHandlerFactory-Integrated is listed above ISAPI-DLL in the IIS configuration4
E266385D-1CEA-4B6A-B237-4EB4238D909BWebDav Module Installation Check1, 4
3F0D0FE6-DC61-4BCE-9A6C-4B476E70DE2ECustom ISAPI Filters are listed in IIS4
4138961C-03E3-4D93-9AA8-F8A20EEB3CC5No ISAPI filters are listed in IIS4
5203B8D0-E089-C0DE-DE06-42DC9D73AE77Web Application Batch Compilation1, 4
2CEC69D9-9222-C0DE-DE06-06942DF190CEMalformed Xml was found in a Web.config file1, 4
02C8BACE-1D7B-C0DE-DE05-36DE92EA674DCGI and ISAPI settings are incorrect1, 4
A5B94575-59C9-4EC4-993F-D97A175E97DAMisssing System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateModule type in modules section Central Admin web config4
DDE88E63-BD4F-4FED-8338-488F6286AEADThe anonymous access account is not set to IUSR1
45952226-46F1-4867-892D-22914259E9AASecurity Token Web Service is not available1
648ABBED-FC26-43A9-8AD0-229E4E1558E5Check the .NET Trust level for SharePoint Web Services1,4
FF8CD171-0CFF-4D4A-8528-737FA8CEE8F9Check the SharePoint Web Services availability4
9075ED01-1E56-461B-A8C2-F049CC13652DSecurity Token Service Application is not online1
456E96A9-DD92-4781-9085-2780898D5272Check Kerberos Web Apps for authPersistNonNTLM1, 4
9AC00049-6457-46EB-895A-35C4984E1E4ACheck Kerberos Web Apps for authPersistSingleRequest1, 4
C717129A-25D9-4A00-9821-ED7BE333F7EECheck for Built-In Application Pool Identity1, 4
B51C5DE1-C7AB-487B-9BE6-D151D656E07DCheck for multiple web app IIS bindings for PowerPivot1, 4
2A6B030D-6425-46FD-8E03-42865DC9462ACheck if Web Services anonymous user identity is IUSR1
1FF33E7C-1B80-47F6-9643-F12919E366B2Check for space in HTTP Response Headers1
13D7F8E1-220B-4591-85C0-FEF64E9ECA4Fheck for IIS Directory Browsing1, 4
E259EEED-8042-492D-95FA-76E5198D859ACheck for asterisk in IIS Site Host Headers1, 4
5DDE95FB-2637-4C10-A657-84038614A916Check if Windows Auth Extended Protection is Enabled1, 4
7B092422-5273-4742-A8F4-644A65AE018BCheck if Request Filtering Override is set to Deny4
42D9CAA4-08C1-4824-B97F-265A8BE126F2heck for missing Machine Keys in IIS4
E286A6A8-13E7-4E68-A3BE-C1384F2569F6Check for Deny Authorization Rules in IIS4


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
43527CA8-95FB-4B57-B93C-9FDFDCFD90A0Verbose Logging is currently enabled for SharePoint1
9FF4CE0E-C898-C0DE-DE06-EBCBD18AFF10The SharePoint ULS Logging directory was not found on the local server1, 4


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
C3B5E92C-4B76-4484-97CC-C3177230E2D6Verify the feature definition files for installed features1
4FBFDB96-6647-48AF-959C-80B96340E4CDSharePoint 2010 add SPDiag presence to the environment info1
4B5F4EBB-2018-472F-9131-48A95A3A21FCDetect Disabled Timer Service Instances in the Farm1
835BDC58-3D40-4D44-8B0D-938536DDB5B6Running Robust Office Inventory Scan (ROIScan)4
D6BDB2E0-36EC-C0DE-DE06-6AE127D5762EHealth Analyzer errors1, 2
C6928B22-7FC3-4DFB-897F-5D58B032388FSupported .Net Framework1, 4
5F9036B9-F302-46A0-8235-A73EA47B9434Permissions to access the local farm using PowerShell commands1Checks the user's ability to execute SharePoint PowerShell commands and flags a warning if the user does not have the right access
1D4CA0F6-2741-4432-9AAB-2B7DFD6D5F95Check if outgoing email server passes DNS check1, 4
6243EF65-5671-414E-B3A6-6C0CEC592C19Check if Immediate Alerts Timer job exists1
625B19AB-8053-491A-BE9F-DE008D2B1371Check if Immediate Alerts Timer job has ran within its schedule1
626103B1-404A-4F6C-9CE5-6F5BF52DC53BCheck if Immediate Alerts Timer job schedule is changed from default1
6277E604-4ED0-4B2E-A02D-FF907EEFB952Check if Immediate Alerts Timer job is online and enabled1
D83259F4-E3EB-4DD4-A4CD-94B9320C2205Check if the Mail Drop Folder Exists1, 4
0C8C236A-C8B8-41EC-833A-F1D4D8C1DFA6Check if the SharePoint Farm account has modify permission on the mail drop folder1, 4
5CA37E4F-A28A-41A5-A978-569526064B53Check if SPIncomingEmailService is enabled 1
8282AAB4-6164-4991-A78B-5CDFE4917C4FCheck for expired SharePoint certificates 4
F04F7424-CE83-4013-9E5E-E9F978A0CA51Check for expected members of Local Users group1
17F09AA0-78E8-4C83-AAFB-BF293E580E1FCheck time difference between SharePoint Servers and Domain Controllers1
27005E36-74D8-401C-9DBF-4BDF82F8FF70Check if Impersonation Level is set to Identify4
594146D1-5DFA-4B13-9E90-F5C19D26D47BCheck if Social Ribbon Control feature is enabled1
3F024330-C458-4B39-B2D2-9C4ABD1EFCD5Check SQL Service Account for delegation1
FF3E4AE6-3DCA-4B85-9F54-A0C4F60F04A7Check if People Picker Search Active Directory Domains passes nltest1
6A8495B4-993E-4668-A8B5-094F93021FECCheck for installed products mismatch in registry and database1, 4
42A80BE2-6E02-4B1B-9125-CB49FF1FF091Check if Application Server Administration Service Job Exists1
433BE5AA-0F3C-42E1-B958-3D27655A68D3Check if Application Server Administration Service Job ran recently1
4475D8F3-A222-42DB-8F18-4FBFF013ABA1heck if Application Server Administration Service Job schedule is modified from default1
453E9EFB-B5D7-4C25-AFE6-1CF7A43BA161Check status of Application Server Administration Service Job1
93E04B9F-BD19-4AFD-9758-C6ED2FA3A444Check User Code Execution Tier configuration1
420F4EBA-5532-455B-9DE6-F6D2E4A54D9FCheck if SQL Server Collation configuration is supported1, 2
3DDB2C1F-29E4-4035-BBAC-047A275FFAFFCheck if People Picker Hide Inactive Profiles is configured1, 4
72A342A1-8B91-448F-8224-67DF9156665ACheck if ThreadingModel is set to Both for PhotoMetadataHandler4
2D7C351D-3044-45B6-9430-8792F5F9EF4BCheck if Sandboxed Solutions Resource Quota is disabled1
7E7ACD48-5A3F-4090-B726-4FB4506E15F3Check if trust direction is outbound or bidirectional for people picker domain1, 4
7E82BBA6-B63A-4A77-9532-003FC41B347ECheck if a trust exists for people picker domain1, 4
7E9F40C4-D87A-49AA-9339-F0C4C6952D62Check trust type for people picker domain1, 4


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
DEFF20EE-F55C-4837-9A93-04E52B28FC3ECheck for network chimney settings that may cause issues3
46D2B3D6-C7BE-4A64-B68B-90A8F068F318Check whether the network driver settings are using Jumbo packets3
EC2FB075-DD02-4E4D-89AE-B260D3F34014Check whether DisableLoopbackCheck registry is set3
897B47A4-6A14-472E-ABB3-203A7C9056E2Check whether the network driver is old or out-dated3
9E8C354C-A794-46B5-B1F4-FB1D145AB3F3Check whether the winsock providers are out of order3


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
1527DE74-E3F0-424A-8F26-4388840CF33FCheck for KB 9799174
F8F24452-E0E5-46BA-A38A-8FC9DB26B7EACheck for KB 9823074
05d31b82-f3ef-4d8d-a681-01bf45ede3aeConfiguration files will never be upgraded once they have been touched4
A25B487F-0E58-C0DE-DE07-9221FE4101A1MS11-087 Fix-it is installed1
DBFAEB9A-961A-4DC1-99B9-F589A2A4FF27Check for missing patches1
D2C42A33-6707-458D-8898-BAC12C10D7ABCheck for distributed cache timeout for ADFS Web Apps1
03544645-7DB3-45CC-839A-7B1842FCC13CCheck for known issues with Advapi32.dll file version4


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
E823733B-F102-4E65-993F-160B88160BCDCheck status of search query and site settings service1
69472CB0-301C-4A32-A8FD-141DF896C02EMore search alerts exist than the supported threshold1, 2
6FE892DC-BF05-461C-9B30-684B83068206Document icons do not show up in search results.4
8AFA294C-32C1-41E7-825D-A9296A85BA81More crawl log entries exist than the supported threshold1, 2
99FDC230-117C-4931-A06D-0D668EF00862Check the group policy setting for offloading user registry settings1, 4
EFFCBC54-F17C-4735-B5AA-36DFB770541FMore Crawl Rules exist than the supported threshold1
4298BA58-9003-C0DE-DE07-1E720756EF28Sitedata.asmx has been modified1, 4
199466D0-ECCA-C0DE-DE07-A0CA38491A7ACrawl Performance1, 4
BB7ACBEE-A02A-43AD-9CD3-110BDE4A5FFDCheck for accessible search web service1, 3
6680B021-CA9F-448A-B759-3C8B49E6DFFECheck the existence and permission for search index location.1, 4
3920CEE6-ADBE-4202-9B17-65EEB09BA3EDCheck people search configuration1
CDE10F2E-D02E-4C08-85DE-86A4E8DBC212Check the search content access account permission on the user profile service1
CDE10F2E-D02E-4C08-85DE-86A4E8DBC212Check content access account permission on Web Applications1
F8ECF661-76E0-45F2-B0A6-04F5FCDD4BB6Check authentication methods for search content source addresses1
53AC6A1D-61F2-46BD-81ED-1987CD49CCBDCheck the amount of scope rules1
28EE16F8-7919-4C24-9A5A-0D3C40B582BBCheck start addresses for content sources1
06C162ED-A56E-44E3-BD50-FE222A9AD20DCheck for search service app proxy URI mismatch1
81D3001B-11A2-4A31-9562-C3BD5EB894C5Check for changes to IgnoreCertCNError registry key1
B77B2C71-3081-45ED-A50D-F74505B6EEBECheck each web app for multiple search service app proxy groups1
C901AD77-CD52-4863-B7A3-943C7BCE186ECheck if registry key DebugFilters is not set to 04
D999154A-C1C2-44A0-AF5A-72475639CECCCheck if registry key DebugWordBreakers is not set to 04
2F449690-601E-42D5-A9AD-120D1B71E803Check if Search Robot Threads Number is not set to 01, 4
C9672409-D855-4A10-B939-52B8F3838BE2Check if Search Proxy server exists and is accessible1
1855DAA7-B280-4261-AE36-DFEDB645625CCheck status of SharePoint Search Location Configurations1

Security information

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
C6F6524B-2BD6-4788-B2DD-E609151A378ACheck for Application Pool password mismatch1, 4
2233F30F-EA46-44E0-AD93-D5826C349715Check for authentication mode attribute1, 4
19C5BFBD-6B69-40E6-BD5B-A97EAC7D0088Check for proper configuration of identity impersonation in web.config1, 4
E3BCD45E-00A6-43FB-A930-69800785987BCheck the local farm trust1
0D277B72-A1C3-4CC3-BC37-A2B19DEEA41ECheck the Web Application User Permissions1
823C65CF-D269-40DF-9930-8C871440A8CBVerify PortalSuperUser has “Full Control” permission granted via Policy for Web App1
C595FFB6-2E91-4354-AF5E-5D62513B76E4Check if the Root Certificate of the farm is added to the local certificate store1
B96C8475-21E0-4665-92A5-A0BA810A9CF5Required user is not permissioned on resource1, 4
E9199078-858E-45FB-8369-B25C7CFD9B2BResource does not have the correct permissions for the named user on this resource1, 4
5EB2905F-7619-45F6-84B9-F7AE2FC4864ACheck Portal Super Reader Account Configuration1
071A5E86-5193-49C1-A332-C08FD5118238Check Portal Super Reader Account Configuration for Claims Based Web Apps1
3425A50A-CDD8-41D4-AA89-6512611E7E0F Verify that defaultProvider="AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider" if roleManager enabled="true" for CA1, 4
24CDF5DA-2825-C0DE-DE06-D862BFB067B4An account might be missing from 'Replace a Process-level Token'1, 4
A0650077-7F64-4EF0-9023-092E9BF90BF2Check whether the certificate chain takes more than 10 seconds to finish1
C561F893-F8A9-4684-85D2-487AFBF877E4Check for FIPS algorithm4
20A65937-7466-4D30-AB60-696315D0FE82Check User Rights Assignments for 'Replace a Process-level Token'1, 4
74AE6A28-1711-4D83-B6AA-5B5DFC043686Check for BUILTIN\Administrators in farm administrators group1
496B9934-D593-4241-B97F-60B96680CEC2Check permission for IISWasKey file1
ABDC5740-01A7-41F3-B610-9F119EEF7696Check if SharePoint Web Application ports are open in the Windows Firewall1, 4


Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
92F80D4A-B6DD-C0DE-DE03-10D3089E03B8User Profile Sync will fail if mysites are not marked as provisioned1, 2
28528331-1B78-C0DE-DE03-6BE947178DA3User Profile Synch fails to reprovision after backing up with non-admin1
3F726DDB-9761-44C8-951C-7B1189BCF087Check for State Service Application Proxy1
E1B36F06-03DF-4B56-9F9A-81BDF5D3765FCheck if AppHostSvc is running4
2D56D082-693E-4282-A58A-A121D1446D29Check if W3Svc is running4

Site collection

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
33997564-C7FC-4DA8-8631-08A7EFF8FB84Site collection locks1, 2
41291506-5aa6-460d-b5b4-444269524e78Check for XSLT list view web parts on anonymous enabled web applications1

User profiles

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
A7921FA0-7B82-C0DE-DE03-C84F18AD1A75FIM Sync Service are missing on a SharePoint Server1, 4
9468CABC-60F5-C0DE-DE03-A660655B416FUser profile sync account has a proxy enabled1, 4
241AB4DC-81F0-C0DE-DE03-B2BD0C4B0EE7SharePoint Server names are fully qualified1
A12EE38E-C0FC-C0DE-DE03-225F4C75AA9CProfile sync service and SQL Named Instance1
DAA084DB-141B-C0DE-DE03-AACE0604187DFull FIM is installed1, 4
2A45DBFE-7FD3-C0DE-DE03-F07F8618243DFIM Services are missing on a SharePoint Server4
1EACF89D-89FD-C0DE-DE03-E4B504F985F0Profile sync on SharePoint Stand-Alone1
8E0EDCAA-3ABA-C0DE-DE03-99126452860BProfile sync with SQL Authentication1
  03284950-87FB-4C76-B1E5-2A9221022D98Check if MySite App Pool Account has FullControl permission to SSA1
E56744A8-B475-49EC-99C2-2E86A4749E58Check if User Profile Synchronization Timer Job Exists4
E57570E0-B75D-4F7B-B1D3-464903D3D7D1Check if User Profile Synchronization Timer Job ran recently4
E5890DDF-B7C5-452C-89DF-63409B1A1508Check if User Profile Synchronization Timer Job schedule is changed from default4
E59D17C2-5CD1-4432-8166-5BEF46868750Check if User Profile Synchronization Timer Job status is online4

Web applications

Rule IDTitleRequired permissionsDescription
6E574B9B-17E5-4C62-BB33-634CF8061152IIS Handler Mapping Must Have Execute Permission1, 4
31B72275-CEA6-4430-93EF-62F9D14E400CRoot Site Collection is required1, 2
18198ECB-932D-4039-BFEB-999697462ADBWeb Application ParserEnabled property must be set to True1, 2
F14DB2A3-737A-4884-A15E-08698481E180Check if SearchAD-CustomFilter is set for people picke1
FF28BD81-B366-4661-9692-23598AF85AC0Check for FBA addresses that contain an underscore (_) character1
9E7DA950-17B0-44C7-8E3C-2AF5AFE2A1D2Check for Kernel Mode Authentication on Web Apps1
76C04E55-609E-47A6-96A2-31AAD504DF6ECheck for HTTP Redirect on Web Apps1, 4
B3263CE5-4A11-4AC2-80BE-EBA0C0B4AE27Check for HTTP Keep Alive on Web Apps1, 4
86729545-CCBC-483C-90B3-D6B53F5CB45DCheck for Server Name Indication on Web Apps1, 4
B88B6AD8-2368-4724-8447-1C62F931A521Check the default blocked file types1, 4
3B088E47-BD4E-4FBD-AA40-17194DA34A4ECheck Web Apps process account permissions on the My Site Web Application1
D2C42A33-6707-458D-8898-BAC12C10D7ABCheck for distributed cache timeout for ADFS Web Apps1

Additional information

Password sync report

The Password Synchronization Report is a new file that is generated starting with the release of SETH. Here is a sample output of this file that shows:

Password Synchronization Report Generated from SERVER1: 04/08/2011 10:51:13============================================================================Machine   Name                                  UserName             Password Hash            ========  ====================================  ===================  ======================== SERVER1   0cbce7b825854b9d93b2610c3627533a      contoso\user1        taggcB3Cg9kkSVLVZlCTyg== SERVER2   0cbce7b825854b9d93b2610c3627533a      contoso\user1        KU91YgOOM8CYdezeuhn96w== SERVER1   SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool   contoso\user1        taggcB3Cg9kkSVLVZlCTyg== SERVER2   SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool   contoso\user1        KU91YgOOM8CYdezeuhn96w== SERVER1   SharePoint - 30699                    contoso\user1        taggcB3Cg9kkSVLVZlCTyg== SERVER2   SharePoint - 30699                    contoso\user1        KU91YgOOM8CYdezeuhn96w== SERVER1   SharePoint Central Administration v4  contoso\user1        taggcB3Cg9kkSVLVZlCTyg== SERVER1   c408cf58b72d493da1925746dd8a0012      contoso\user2        LmbbRTCUtCxxfGHdq3l/nA== SERVER2   c408cf58b72d493da1925746dd8a0012      contoso\user2        LmbbRTCUtCxxfGHdq3l/nA== SERVER2   SharePoint - 80                       contoso\user2        LmbbRTCUtCxxfGHdq3l/nA== SERVER1   SharePoint - 80                       contoso\user2        LmbbRTCUtCxxfGHdq3l/nA==
This information is sorted by UserName and Name (application pool). As shown in the sample output, the password hash for the 0cbce7b825854b9d93b2610c3627533a application pool has a different value on SERVER1 than it does on SERVER2. This indicates that the passwords do not match. This could occur because the password has been changed on one server but not on the other. As shown in the sample output for the SharePoint – 80 application pool, the password hash is identical on both servers in the farm. This indicates that the passwords are in sync.
For frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) for Windows 7, click the following article number to go to the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

973559 Frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) when it is used with Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
SharePoint 2010 SETH diagnostics troubleshoot
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