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You cannot send email messages to a local contact group in Outlook for Mac 2011

After you install the 14.3.2 update for Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, you cannot send email messages to a local contact group. Instead, the email messages are saved in the Drafts folder. Additionally, the following error message is logged in the Error log:

EmailAddress or ItemID must be included in the request. Mail could not be sent. The message has been moved to your drafts folder. Error Code: -19784
This issue occurs because of a known problem in the 14.3.2 update for Outlook for Mac 2011.
To resolve this issue, install the 14.3.4 update for Outlook for Mac 2011. For more information about this update, and to download the file, go to the following Microsoft website: 
To work around this issue, expand the local contact group before you send any email messages to the group.

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