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"Could not find part of the path" error when you move a mailbox to a database in Exchange Server 2010

When you try to move a mailbox between mailbox databases in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, you receive the message that resembles the following:
Error: "Could not find part of the path D:\Temp"
An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: Could not find a part of the path 'D:\TEMP\<filename>.tmp'.
This issue occurs because the path value of TEMP and TMP environment variables that are used by the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service to move the database are invalid.

Note The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service uses the TEMP and TMP folders as temporary storage for various operations, such as message conversion and mailbox move operations.  
To resolve this issue, set the correct path for TEMP and TMP environment variables. The default path for TEMP and TMP environment variables are %Userprofile%\Temp.

For more information about how to the set correct path for TEMP and TMP environment variables, please go to the following Microsoft TechNet website:

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard

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