Microsoft Office Support in Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)


This article describes the support Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) provides for Microsoft Office and the synchronization of Office settings. UE-V currently supports Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 only.

Templates are available in the community-supported UE-V TechNet Galley for Office 2013 but we recommend that companies use the built-in roaming ability that Office 2013 provides as part of the Sign-in experience. As UE-V is an extensible tool, we’ll fix and support issues in the UE-V Generator, but we haven’t tested or validated the community supported Office 2013 templates (more information on these topics below).

Topics covered in this article include:

  1. Microsoft Office support in UE-V
  2. Microsoft Office templates and the UE-V Generator
  3. Microsoft Office templates in the TechNet Gallery
More Information

Microsoft Office support in UE-V

UE-V 1.0 includes a settings location template for Microsoft Office 2010 and UE-V 1.0 SP1 adds a template for Microsoft Office 2007. These templates are distributed and registered as part of the agent installation process. To roam settings with Microsoft Office 2013, we recommend that you use the built-in roaming capabilities of the new Office Sign in experience available with an Office 365 subscription. More details on Office Sign in can be found here:

The following tables contain the specific details for Office support in UE-V:

Supported UE-V templates for Microsoft Office:

Office 2010 templates (UE-V 1.0 & 1.0 SP1):

Office 2007 templates (UE-V 1.0 SP1 only):

Office 2013 templates (not available in UE-V)

·  MicrosoftOffice2010Win32.xml

·  MicrosoftOffice2010Win64.xml

·  MicrosoftLync2010.xml


·  MicrosoftOffice2007.xml

·  MicrosoftCommunicator2007.xml


Office 2013 templates are not shipped with UE-V. Please use the native Office Sign in experience as part of Office 365. 


Microsoft Office Applications supported by the UE-V templates:

·         Microsoft Access 2010

·         Microsoft Lync 2010

·         Microsoft Excel 2010

·         Microsoft InfoPath 2010

·         Microsoft OneNote 2010

·         Microsoft Outlook 2010

·         Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

·         Microsoft Project 2010

·         Microsoft Publisher 2010

·         Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

·         Microsoft Visio 2010

·         Microsoft Word 2010

·         Microsoft Access 2007

·         Microsoft Communicator 2007

·         Microsoft Excel 2007

·         Microsoft InfoPath 2007

·         Microsoft OneNote 2007

·         Microsoft Outlook 2007

·         Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

·         Microsoft Project 2007

·         Microsoft Publisher 2007

·         Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007

·         Microsoft Visio 2007

·         Microsoft Word 2007


Microsoft Office templates and the UE-V Generator

The Office templates that ship with UE-V capture and synchronize specific settings between devices. These templates have been tested to verify that the designated Office settings can be roamed between devices in a safe and reliable manner.

The UE-V Generator should not be used to modify the Office templates that ship with UE-V or to create custom templates for Microsoft Office. The Office templates that ship with UE-V are designed and tested by Microsoft to handle Office products where many settings are shared across Office applications. Attempting to edit the Office templates in the UE-V Generator will result in the following error “The selected template contains settings that cannot be modified by this editor.” 

If a problem with the roaming of Office settings is encountered and reported, the issue will be validated using the Office templates that ship with UE-V only. If the problem cannot be reproduced with these templates because of customer modification, then it will be left to the individual party to resolve.

More information on the templates that ship with UE-V and how the Generator can be used to create custom templates can be found in the UE-V documentation here:

Microsoft Office templates in the TechNet Gallery

Custom settings location templates that are created by customers can be shared via theTechNet Gallery. The TechNet Gallery may contain customer-created templates for Microsoft Office 2013 and other unsupported Office releases. While these templates may successfully synchronize settings in many environments, the safety, functionality and reliability of these templates is not guaranteed by Microsoft. It is the responsibility of consumers of user-submitted templates to test and verify them prior to a production deployment.

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