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Windows 8 Photo app may still show photo on live tile after it has been deleted

Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a PC running Windows 8.
  • You have photos in your Pictures Library.
  • Live tile is enabled for the Photos app.
  • You delete one or more pictures from your Picture Library.

In this scenario, the Photos tile may still cycle through pictures that were deleted from the Pictures Library.

The pictures used for the Photos live tile are cached and the cache is not immediately updated when pictures are deleted from the Pictures Library.
To resolve this issue and ensure that the Photos app is not displaying deleted pictures, perform any one of the following actions:
  • Exit out of the Photos app, making sure the app is closed and not suspended. Launch the Photos app again.
  • At the Windows 8 Start screen, open the Charms sidebar, select Tiles, and select the Clear button under "Clear personal info from my tiles". Launch the Photos app again to rebuild the pictures cache used by the app.
  • Stop displaying live tile for the Photos app by right-clicking on it (or using the equivalent touch gesture) and select "Turn live tile off" from the bottom context menu bar.
  • Turn off the shuffling of pictures on the live tile by opening the Photos app, then open the Charms sidebar, select Options, and turn off "Shuffle photos on the app tile".
  • Manually set a new picture for the Photos tile by opening the Photos app, opening a picture full screen, right-clicking on the picture, select "Set as" from the bottom menu and choose "App tile".

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