Where is my Online Services Advisor incentive payment?

This article explains the fee payment cycle and payment threshold policies, to give the partner an understanding of when to expect payment of fees associated with Online Services Advisor incentives (Sell and Usage).
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First, start by reviewing the Online Services Advisor guide for your program. You can find them here, searching under Cloud Services incentives tab.

Fee payment cycle

The fee payment cycle for Online Services Incentives ends on the 25th day of each month for direct subscriptions and ends on the 28th day of each month for online service usage subscriptions.

Partners should receive their fee payment statement within two (2) weeks of the conclusion of the fee payment cycle. Partners are then paid by check or bank deposit approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks after the fee statement. This means that you should expect payment about a month after the fee payment cycle ends—for example, you should expect to receive the bank deposit for a fee payment cycle ending August 25th by the end of September.

Payment threshold

If the incentives earnings are below the minimum threshold of $200 USD, the partner will not receive a statement for that month. Earned incentives below the threshold will be placed on hold. Incentive earnings will be disbursed to partners when the earnings exceed the minimum threshold or the end of the program year.

If you believe you have reached the threshold and have waited through a full fee payment cycle (as described above), please contact your local Regional Service Centre for assistance.

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