BUG: View Designer Fails to Display Data if Statement is Long

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BUG #: 57796 (SQLBUG_70)
In the SQL Server Enterprise Manager, when loading a view into the View Designer, the diagram, grid, and result panes are empty and the SQL pane contains an incorrect SELECT statement if the CREATE VIEW statement is longer than 3.5 kilobytes (KB).
To work around this issue and avoid the problem, use any one of the methods that follow:
  • Keep the CREATE VIEW statement shorter than 3.5 KB.

  • Use the SQL Server Query Analyzer instead of Enterprise Manager to design the view.

  • In Enterprise Manager, load the view into the Properties dialog box and the statement displays correctly. Copy the CREATE VIEW statement to the Clipboard (exclude the CREATE VIEW part itself, that is, begin with the SELECT keyword). Open the view with View Designer, navigate to the SQL area and replace the incorrect statement by pasting the correct statement from the Clipboard. Press the Verify SQL command button. The diagram, grid, and result panes then display correctly.

  • Upgrade your Enterprise Manager to the version that was provided with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. The problem does not occur with SQL Server 2000, even when you work on a SQL Server 7.0 engine.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in SQL Server 7.0.

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Steps To Reproduce Behavior

  1. Create a view that has a CREATE VIEW statement string longer than 3.5 KB.
  2. In Enterprise Manager, select the view, open the context menu, and then click Design View. The Design View dialog box shows an empty diagram, grid, and results pane. Also, the SQL pane contains an incorrect SELECT statement.NOTE: The length of the CREATE VIEW statement string has to be calculated excluding comments. This problem does not occur if the statement string contains 3.5 KB text plus any amount of comments.

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Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition

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