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Windows 8 Tested Product Requirements FAQ

The process has changed for Microsoft partners who are validating a Windows 8 competency who have not gone through the validation process since Windows 7 was released. Windows 8 tested product requirements now follow the same path as other competencies, which is done through Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR)—so now you’ll know what to expect when validating any of your competencies. This article will help you get the most out of MPR and help you get what you need to successfully complete the validation process.
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What is Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR)?

MPR is a fully automated testing platform for our Microsoft Partner Network members. However, we realize that you may have questions about validating your application. We have compiled a list of answers to help you get the most of MPR. 

This article covers the following topics:

  • Changes from the Windows 7 validation process to the current state for Windows 8
  • MPR testing and application validation process
  • Windows 8 testing top issues and frequently asked questions
  • Integration with the Microsoft Partner Network
  • General testing frequently asked questions
For a great comprehensive look at the Microsoft application validation process, download and review this whitepaper: Getting Started Guide to Microsoft Application Validation.

Changes from the Windows 7 validation process to the current state for Windows 8

All partners looking to use a Windows 8 tested product to qualify for the Application Development Competency are required to complete the application validation process in MPR. MPR will allow the partner to utilize the same Windows 8 ACK test result file, but this test must be uploaded into MPR and the remaining process must be completed prior to MPR automatically submitting the result to the Partner Membership Center (PMC).

MPR testing and application validation process

There are 4 principle steps to validate your application:

MPR Steps
  1. Prepare your application
  2. Test your application
    • Download the Test Tool, available on MPR.
    • From the Test Tool, select the application test that fits with your app and the competency you plan to earn.
    • Run the test and load the results in MPR.
  3. Validate your application
    • Get approval for your application profile in MPR.
    • Provide Pinpoint URL for your application.
    • Provide a Marketing URL for your application.
    • Provide a Support Page URL for your application.
    • Pay validation fees (find fee information in your currency).
  4. Check your results
    • Application validation results are typically posted within five business days after submission
    • View your results from the Test My Apps section of the MPR Test page.
To assist you in the development and release of quality applications, and to qualify your organization to earn a Microsoft competency, Microsoft validates that your application(s) meets specific requirements. Application requirements may vary by test and by the competency level (silver or gold), which you are attempting to attain. You can also use application validation to qualify for additional benefits offered through Microsoft Platform Ready.

Download and review the MPR Test Tool documentation for information on testing requirements and technology prerequisites for the MPR Test Tool.

Integration with the Microsoft Partner Network

Find information about how this MPR application validation process works with your Microsoft Partner Network membership and program below:

How do I associate my MPR account with my Microsoft Partner Network account?
You can use the simplified association process to associate your Microsoft account ID with your Partner Network account. If you need assistance, please contact the Regional Service Center.

Do I need to update the Microsoft Partner Network with the MPR test results?
No. MPR is integrated with the Partner Network—a successful validation is automatically submitted to the Partner Network on your behalf within minutes of completion.

We successfully passed the technology test but our test result is not listed on our Microsoft Partner Network site.
This is probably because of one of two issues:
  1. Your Microsoft account ID (formerly known as your Live ID) is not yet associated with your Microsoft Partner Network account.
  2. You have not yet completed the full application validation process. Make sure you to continue the validation process after you upload the MPR test results. Once you have entered the required validation information, it can take up to 5 additional business days to complete the process.
Windows 8 testing top issues and frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions specific to Windows 8 in the application validation process.

Where can I download the Windows 8 ACK test tool?
The Windows 8 App Certification Kit can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.

How do I submit my Windows 8 application to the Windows Store?
Read this blog post all about submitting applications to the Windows Store.

If I test for Windows 8 on MPR, will I need to test again to qualify for the Windows Store catalog?
No, you will be uploading the same Windows 8 App compatibility test results for both spaces.

I have already taken the Windows 8 app compatibility test, what more needs to be done to qualify for the Application Development Competency?
For a complete listing of Microsoft competency requirements, please visit the MPN Competency site. To complete the Application Validation process within MPR, in addition to uploading the Windows 8 ACK test result partners must complete the application verification process which includes:
  • Website URL where the application is actively marketed
  • Web location where support for the application is shown
  • Application listing in either the Windows Store of the Microsoft Pinpoint catalog
  • Validation fee of $499 USD
General testing frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about testing, which will cover your tested product requirement for Windows 8, as well as any other MPN competencies your organization might pursue.

What are the benefits of testing?
Testing your application is one of the steps in gaining MPN competencies. By testing your application you can be assured that your application works with the list of platform technology requirements set by Microsoft.

What is the testing process?
The testing process can be slightly different depending on the Microsoft platform technology you are testing. It is important to read the Getting Started page on the Test Tab before you begin, where you can find specific requirements your application will need to meet to pass the validation test.

I just finished my application but a new release of the technology has just shipped, what do I do?
The technology test will be available for competency testing for 12 months after shipping of a new release.

Does an MPR validation test expire?
No, MPR validation tests do not expire. However, the tests will be updated with each major product release.

Are the apps profiled in MPR only available to one person for editing/uploading test results?
Yes. Only the user who uploaded the results to their account will be able to see the tested product or test results from MPR.

What is the price of the tests and how do I pay?
Each test is priced at 499 USD (or the equivalent in supported local currencies) and can be paid by credit card.

Do I need to pay to use the MPR tool?
No, you can use the MPR test tool at no charge. However, if you want to use the results to qualify for a Microsoft Partner Network competency you will need to upload your application test result and continue with the validation process, which costs 499 USD.

When do I pay the validation fee?
Pay the validation fee in the Test My Apps tab within Microsoft Platform Ready after you upload your MPR test tool results. Upon uploading your MPR test tool results file and providing the necessary validation information, you will be prompted for payment information.

I failed the validation test—can I take it again?
Yes. If your application fails validation you will be provided with a reason for failure. You may fix the issue and resubmit up to two additional times before you will be required to pay additional validation fees.

How can I check the status of my validation test?
Upon a successful validation attempt, your results are automatically submitted to MPN and you can see this in your profile on the Partner Membership Center. Your validation testing results are also posted in the “Test My Apps” tab.

What are the application validation prerequisites I should be aware of?
  1. Your MPR Application and Organization profiles must be accurate. The validation process will use components of your application and organization profile. This will help to determine which tests to apply and how we should communicate with you. The Partner ID associated with your MPR profile will receive testing credit from MPR. If you are associated with more than one Partner ID, make sure you are submitting for the appropriate Partner ID. You are asked to confirm before validation payment. Once a Partner ID is credited, this application ID and MPR profile cannot be used to credit another Partner ID in MPN—for that, you will need to complete the process again under a new MPR profile.
  2. Your application must be in production and supported. Only applications that are in production and are supported by the application publishers or their affiliates are eligible to pass validation.
  3. Your Microsoft Platform Ready Microsoft account (previously known as your Live ID) is associated with the Microsoft Partner Network organization that you want to get credit for the result. Your Microsoft account (previously known as your Live ID) is what links your test results and your organization within MPN. Without a consistent Microsoft account, your successful testing results cannot be credited.
  4. Application must be listed in Microsoft Pinpoint. Only applications that are listed in Microsoft Pinpoint are eligible to pass validation. It can take up to 5 business days to validate a Pinpoint submission.

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