Rollup of selected Exchange 2000 Server post-release fixes

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This article lists the article numbers for a selected group of Exchange 2000 Server bugs that have been fixed since Exchange 2000 Server was released. For information about how to obtain the fixes listed in this article, click the article number next to the title of the article about that issue to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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301378 XGEN: How to Obtain the Latest Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack
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Fixes Released on March 30, 2001

The following files were modified:
  • Ds2mb.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4418.69
  • Ese.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
  • Excdo.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.83
  • Mtaroute.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
  • Phatq.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
  • Reapi.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
  • Resvc.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
  • Tranmsg.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.74
The following fixes are included:
292305 XADM: Online Defragmentation Loops Continuously When the Database Is Corrupted
291248 XIMS: High CPU Use by Inetinfo.exe Process Degrades E-mail Delivery
If you applied the March 9, 2001 release of this rollup on a localized version of Exchange 2000 Sever, the text for the Calendar, Contact, Tasks, and Notes is in English.

Fixes Released on March 9, 2001

The following files were modified:
  • Adc.exe incremented to version 6.0.4418.18
  • Davex.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.45
  • Dramapi.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.3
  • Drviis.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.22
  • Dsaccess.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.50
  • Emsabp32.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.3
  • Emsmta.exe incremented to version 6.0.4418.9
  • Ese.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.56
  • Eseutil.exe incremented to version 6.0.4418.23
  • Excdo.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.51
  • Exchmem.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.15
  • Exmime.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.65
  • Exoledb.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.51
  • Exres.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.28
  • Exsmtp.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.49
  • Jcb.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.60
  • Lisrtl.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.63
  • Mad.exe incremented to version 6.0.4418.27
  • Mdbtask.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.8
  • Msgtrack.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.22
  • Mtaroute.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.59
  • Oabgen.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.23
  • Phatq.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.59
  • Reapi.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.59
  • Resvc.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.59
  • Store.exe incremented to version 6.0.4418.65
  • Tranmsg.dll incremented to version 6.0.4418.59
The following fixes are included:
273646 XCON: Message Transfer Agent Repeatedly Fails to Start with Event 155 or Event 164
274281 XADM: Information Store Crash in UNK__Delete
274766 XADM: Information Store Cannot Tune the Number of Store RPC Threads
275880 XADM: Information Store Stops with NULL Security Descriptor in EcLegacyDNFromSid
276081 XADM: Information Store Service Responds Sluggishly and Consumes 90 to 100 Percent of CPU Time
276462 XADM: Invalid Property Value in Public Folder Message Can Crash the Information Store
277902 XADM: The Recipient Update Service Writes a Non-Canonical Security Descriptor to the Group
278235 XADM: Exchange 2000 Can't Manage a Very Large Number of Domain Queues Simultaneously
278487 XIMS: Information Store Stops Responding from an IMAP4 Download Because of Pointer to a CMDBMessage
279287 XADM: Information Store Crash in EcLookupMemberCache in Low Memory Conditions
279615 XADM: Lack of Available Virtual Memory Affects Server Performance
280396 XCLN: Offline Address Book Is Not Generated
280794 XIMS: Message Cannot Be Sent to Domains with MX Record Pointing to CNAME Record
283287 XADM: Users Receive Random 5.7.1 and 5.7.3 NDRs
284226 XADM: New Appointments or Updated Recurring Appointments Are Not Expanded
285197 XADM: Information Store Crash in exsmtp!IMsgWrap__HrAddRecipient
285791 XCLN: When You Create New Mail or Reply to Mail, the Mail Contents That You Add Are Lost
287935 XADM: 1450 Error When Jet Attempts to Extend Log File
288524 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server JET Database Stops Unexpectedly Because of Large Subject Prefix on Embedded Messages
288894 How to disable MAPI client access to a computer that is running Exchange Server
289775 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server Experiences Memory Leaks Because of Many Embedded Messages
289779 XADM: Exchange 2000 Information Store Runs Sluggishly with VSOM Error Messages
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