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A list of printer drivers that are included in Windows XP (Article 1 of 5)

Support for Windows XP has ended

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

This article was previously published under Q293360
This article lists the printers (from the AGFA-AccuSet v52.3 printer to the Epson EPL-N2000/A4 EpsonScript printer) that have printer drivers included in Windows XP.
The following devices have digitally signed device drivers that are included in Windows XP.

NOTE: For any printer, the printer drivers provided with Windows XP are generally preferable to drivers included with earlier versions of Windows. However, you may want to contact the printer manufacturer to determine the best printing solution for your printer.
[AGFA]AGFA-AccuSet v52.3 AGFA-AccuSetSF v52.3AGFA-AccuSet 800 AGFA-AccuSet 800SF v52.3                       AGFA-AccuSet 800SF v2013.108                         AGFA-AccuSet 1000                                    AGFA-AccuSet 1000SF v52.3                           AGFA-AccuSet 1000SF v2013.108                       AGFA-AccuSet 1500                                AGFA-AccuSet 1500SF v2013.108                       AGFA-Avantra 20 v2013.108                          AGFA-Avantra 20SF v2013.108                      AGFA-Avantra 25 v2013.108                          AGFA-Avantra 25SF v2013.108                          AGFA-Avantra 36SF v2013.108                         AGFA-Avantra 44 v2013.108                             AGFA-Avantra 44SF v2013.108                          AGFA-Elan 500                                        AGFA-Elan 500SF v2013.108                            AGFA-ProSet 9400                                    AGFA-ProSet 9400 v52.3                               AGFA-ProSet 9400SF v52.3                             AGFA-ProSet 9400SF v2013.108                        AGFA-ProSet 9550                                     AGFA-ProSet 9550 v52.3                               AGFA-ProSet 9550SF v52.3                           AGFA-ProSet 9550SF v2013.108                        AGFA-ProSet 9600 v52.3                                AGFA-ProSet 9600SF v52.3                             AGFA-ProSet 9700 v52.3                              AGFA-ProSet 9700SF v52.3                             AGFA-ProSet 9800                                    AGFA-ProSet 9800 v52.3                            AGFA-ProSet 9800SF v52.3                           AGFA-ProSet 9800SF v2013.108                    AGFA-ProSet 9836                                  AGFA-ProSet 9836SF v52.3                          AGFA-ProSet 9836SF v2013.108                      AGFA-SelectSet 5000                                AGFA-SelectSet 5000 v52.3                           AGFA-SelectSet 5000SF v52.3                       AGFA-SelectSet 5000SF v2013.108             AGFA-SelectSet 7000                               AGFA-SelectSet 7000 v52.3                   AGFA-SelectSet 7000SF v52.3                  AGFA-SelectSet 7000SF v2013.108                   AGFA-SelectSet Avantra 20                          AGFA-SelectSet Avantra 25                           AGFA-SelectSet Avantra 36                             AGFA-SelectSet Avantra 44                            AGFA-StudioSet 2000 v49.3 v52.3                      AGFA-StudioSet 2000SF v52.3                          [Alps]Alps MD-1000 (MS)                               Alps MD-1300 (MS)                                   Alps MD-1500 (MS)                                   Alps MD-2010 (MS)                                    Alps MD-2300 (MS)                                    Alps MD-4000 (MS)                                  Alps MD-5000 (MS)                                  [Apollo]Apollo P-1200                                      [Apple]Apple Color LW 12/660 PS                              Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600                        Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS                           Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS                           Apple LaserWriter 8500                               Apple LaserWriter II NT v47.0                        Apple LaserWriter II NTX v47.0                       Apple LaserWriter II NTX v51.8                        Apple LaserWriter II NTX-J v50.5                      Apple LaserWriter IIf v2010.113                       Apple LaserWriter IIg v2010.113                      Apple LaserWriter Plus v38.0                          Apple LaserWriter Plus v42.2                          Apple LaserWriter Pro 600                             Apple LaserWriter Pro 630                             Apple LaserWriter Pro 810                             Apple LaserWriter Select 360                          Apple LaserWriter v23.0                               Apple Personal LaserWriter NTR v2010.129              LaserWriter Personal NT v51.8                        [APS-PS]APS-PS PIP with APS-6-108 v49.3 or 52.2               APS-PS PIP with APS-6-80 v49.3 or 52.2               APS-PS PIP with LZR 1200 v49.3 or 52.2                APS-PS PIP with LZR 2600 v49.3 or 52.2                [AST]AST TurboLaser-PS v47.0                               [AT&T]AT&T 470/475                                          AT&T 473/478                                         [Brother]Brother HJ-100                                        Brother HJ-100i                                       Brother HJ-400                                        Brother HJ-770                                        Brother HL-10DV                                       Brother HL-10h                                        Brother HL-10h PS                                     Brother HL-10V                                        Brother HL-1020                                       Brother HL-1040                                       Brother HL-1040 (600 dpi)                             Brother HL-1050                                       Brother HL-1060                                       Brother HL-1060 BR-Script2                           Brother HL-1070 BR-Script2                            Brother HL-1070                                      Brother HL-10PS/DPS                                  Brother HL-1240                                     Brother HL-1250                                      Brother HL-1260                                      Brother HL-1260 BR-Script2                           Brother HL-1260e                                     Brother HL-1260e BR-Script2                          Brother HL-1270N                                    Brother HL-1660                                       Brother HL-1660 BR-Script2                           Brother HL-1660e                                      Brother HL-1660e BR-Script2                          Brother HL-2060                                      Brother HL-2060 BR-Script2                          Brother HL-2400C                                   Brother HL-2400CN                                    Brother HL-2400C BR-Script2                         Brother HL-4                                        Brother HL-4PS                                      Brother HL-4V                                        Brother HL-4Ve                                       Brother HL-630                                        Brother HL-660                                        Brother HL-660 series (MS)                        Brother HL-720                                     Brother HL-730                                      Brother HL-730 (600 dpi)                              Brother HL-730+                                      Brother HL-760                                      Brother HL-6                                          Brother HL-6V                                        Brother HL-8                                         Brother HL-820                                       Brother HL-8D                                        Brother HL-8e                                      Brother HL-8PS                                     Brother HL-8V                                         Brother HL-P2000                                     Brother HS-5000 BR-Script2                            Brother HS-5300 BR-Script2                            Brother M-1309                                       Brother M-1324                                       Brother M-1809                                       Brother M-1818                                        Brother M-1824L                                     Brother M-1909                                       Brother M-1918                                        Brother M-1924L                                     Brother M-4318                                       Brother MFC-3900                                    Brother MFC-4000                                    Brother MFC-4400                                  Brother MFC-4500                                   Brother MFC-5000                                    Brother MFC-5500                                     Brother MFC-5550                                      Brother MFC-6000                                     Brother MFC-P2000                                   [Bull]Bull Compuprint PageMaster 1025Bull Compuprint PageMaster 413Bull Compuprint PageMaster 815Bull Compuprint PageMaster 825Bull Compuprint PageMaster 1035eBull Compuprint PageMaster 1225Bull Compuprint PageMaster 1435eBull Compuprint PageMaster 1625Bull Compuprint PageMaster 1645eBull Compuprint PM 100Bull Compuprint PM 200Bull Compuprint PM 201Bull Compuprint PM 300 (B/W)Bull Compuprint PM 300 (Color)Bull Compuprint Signum 2043Bull Compuprint Signum 2048Bull Compuprint Signum 2076Bull Compuprint Signum 2078[C-Itoh]C-Itoh 8510[Canon]Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10eCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-10exCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-10sxCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-20Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-30Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-100Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-130Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-130eCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-200Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-200eCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-200exCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-230Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-300Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-330Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-1000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-1000SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-2000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2000SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-210Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2100Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2100SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-240Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-250Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-265SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-3000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4100Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4200Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4300Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4400Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4550Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4650Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-50Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-55Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-5500Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-600Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-600eCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-610Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6100Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-620Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6200Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6500Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-70Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-7000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-7100Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-80Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-800Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-8000Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-820Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-85Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-210SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-255SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-4200SPCanon Bubble-Jet BJC-4300SPCanon Bubble-Jet S400Canon Bubble-Jet S450Canon C LBP 360 PSCanon C LBP 460PSCanon ColorPASS-Z20eCanon ColorPASS-Z40Canon ColorPASS-Z40eCanon ColorPASS-Z60Canon ColorPASS-Z90Canon CP660PSCanon GP200-225 PSCanon GP200/GP215 PostScriptCanon GP300-405 PS Version 1.0Canon GP605-605P PS Version 1.01Canon imageCLASS 4000PSCanon imageCLASS C2100Canon imageRUNNER 210 PSCanon imageRUNNER C2020-2050Canon iR330-400 PS Version 1.0Canon iR600-60 PS Version 1.01Canon iR C2100S-2100Canon LBP-1000PSCanon LBP-3260PSCanon LBP-4Canon LBP-4 PS-2 v51.4Canon LBP-4 LiteCanon LBP-4 Lite PS-2 v51.4Canon LBP-4 PlusCanon LBP-4 Plus PS-2 v51.4Canon LBP-4iCanon LBP-4sxCanon LBP-4UCanon LBP-8 IICanon LBP-8 IIRCanon LBP-8 IITCanon LBP-8 IIICanon LBP-8III PS-1 v51.4Canon LBP-8 III PlusCanon LBP-8III Plus PS-1 v51.4Canon LBP-8 IIIRCanon LBP-8IIIR PS-1 v51.4Canon LBP-8 IIITCanon LBP-8IIIT PS-1 v51.4Canon LBP-8 IVCanon LBP-8sxCanon LBP-430Canon LBP-430WCanon LBP-860Canon LBP-1260Canon LBP-1260 PSCanon LBP-1260 PlusCanon LBP-1260 Plus PSCanon LBP-1260CCanon LBP-1260C PCLCanon LBP-1260C PSCanon LBP-1760Canon LBP-1760 PSCanon LBP-2460Canon LBP-2460PSCanon LBP-3260Canon PS-IPU Color Laser Copier v52.3Canon PS-IPU Kanji Color Laser Copier v52.3Canon PS-NX20WCanon PS-NX40Canon PS-NX40WCanon PS-NX60Canon PS-NX90[Citizen]Citizen 120DCitizen 120D+Citizen 124DCitizen 180DCitizen 200GXCitizen 200GX/15Citizen 224Citizen ABC ESC/P 2Citizen GSX-130Citizen GSX-140Citizen GSX-140+Citizen GSX-145Citizen GSX-190Citizen GSX-220 ESC/P 2Citizen GSX-230Citizen GSX-240 ESC/P 2Citizen GSX 240 Scalable FontCitizen GSX-245 ESC/P 2Citizen HSP-500Citizen HSP-550Citizen Notebook Printer IICitizen PN48Citizen Printiva 600CCitizen Printiva 700Citizen Printiva 1700Citizen Prodot 24Citizen Prodot 9Citizen Prodot 9xCitizen PROjetCitizen PROjet IICitizen ProLaser 6000Citizen Swift 9Citizen Swift 9xCitizen Swift 24Citizen Swift 24eCitizen Swift 24xCitizen Swift 200Citizen Swift 240 ESC/P 2Citizen Swift 240 Scalable FontCitizen Swift 240x ESC/P 2[ColorAge]ColorAge ColorQ[Compaq]Compaq IJ300 Inkjet PrinterCompaq IJ600 Inkjet Printer Compaq IJ700 Inkjet PrinterCompaq IJ750 Inkjet PrinterCompaq IJ900 Inkjet PrinterCompaq IJ1200 Inkjet PrinterCompaq PageMarq 15Compaq PageMarq 15 v2012.015Compaq PageMarq 20Compaq PageMarq 20 v2012.015[Dataproducts]Dataproducts JOLT PSDataproducts LZR 855 v1.0Dataproducts LZR 960 v2010.106Dataproducts LZR 965 v2011.113Dataproducts LZR 1260 v47.0Dataproducts LZR 1560 v2010.127Dataproducts LZR 1580 v2011.113Dataproducts LZR 2080 v2011.113Dataproducts LZR-2665 v46.2Dataproducts Typhoon 8 PSDataproducts Typhoon 8PM PSDataproducts Typhoon 16 PSDataproducts Typhoon 20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 30 L20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 30 PSDataproducts Typhoon 30 S20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 40 L20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 40 PSDataproducts Typhoon 40 S20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 60 L20 PSDataproducts Typhoon 60 PSDataproducts Typhoon 60 S20 PSDPC Typhoon 8DPC Typhoon 16DPC Typhoon 20DPC Typhoon 30DPC Typhoon 40DPC Typhoon 60[Diconix]Diconix 150 Plus[Digital]Colorwriter LSR 2000Digital Colormate PS v51.9Digital DECcolorwriter 120icDigital DECcolorwriter 520icDigital DECcolorwriter 1000 17Digital DECcolorwriter 1000 39Digital DEClaser 1100 (LJ)Digital DEClaser 1100Digital DEClaser 1150 v51.4Digital DEClaser 1152  17 fontsDigital DEClaser 1152  43 fontsDigital DEClaser 1800 (PCL)Digital DEClaser 2100Digital DEClaser 2100plus (LJ)Digital DEClaser 2150 plus v51.4Digital DEClaser 2150 v51.4Digital DEClaser 2200Digital DEClaser 2200plus (LJ)Digital DEClaser 2250 plus v51.4Digital DEClaser 2250 v51.4Digital DEClaser 3200 (LJ)Digital DEClaser 3200Digital DEClaser 3250 v47Digital DEClaser 3500Digital DEClaser 3500 (PCL)Digital DEClaser 5100Digital DEClaser 5100 (PCL)Digital DECmultiJET 1000Digital DECmultiJET 1500Digital DECmultiJET 2000Digital DECwriter 65Digital DECwriter 95Digital DECwriter 100iDigital DECwriter 110iDigital DECwriter 195Digital DECwriter 500iDigital LA70Digital LA75 PlusDigital LA75Digital LA310Digital LA324Digital LA400 MultiPrinterDigital LA424Digital Laser Printer LN15 PSDigital Laser Printer LN20Digital Laser Printer LN40Digital LN03R ScriptPrinterDigital LN17psDigital PrintServer 17/600Digital PrintServer 17 12mb/L2Digital PrintServer 17 v48.3Digital PrintServer 20 v48.3Digital PrintServer 32 Kanji v48.3Digital PrintServer 32 plusDigital PrintServer 32 v48.3Digital PrintServer 40 Plus Kanji v48.3Digital PrintServer 40 Plus v48.3Digital turbo PrintServer 20Digital turbo PrintServer 20 Kanji v48.3Digital turbo PrintServer 20 L2[Epson]Epson 600Q ESC/P 2Epson ActionLaser 1000Epson ActionLaser 1100Epson ActionLaser 1400Epson ActionLaser 1500Epson ActionLaser 1600Epson ActionLaser IIEpson ActionLaser PlusEpson AL-1000/1500 EpsonScriptEpson AL-1600 EpsonScriptEpson AP-2000Epson AP-2250Epson AP-2500Epson AP-3000Epson AP-3250 ESC/P 2Epson AP-3250 Scalable FontEpson AP-3260 ESC/P 2Epson AP-3300 ESC/P 2Epson AP-4000Epson AP-4500Epson AP-5000 ESC/P 2Epson AP-5000 Scalable FontEpson AP-5000+ ESC/P 2Epson AP-5500 ESC/P 2Epson AP-5500 Scalable FontEpson AP-5500+ ESC/P 2Epson Compatible 24 PinEpson Compatible 9 PinEpson DFX-5000Epson DFX-5000+Epson DFX-8000Epson DFX-8500Epson DLQ-2000Epson DLQ-3000 ESC/P 2Epson DLQ-3000+ ESC/P 2Epson EPL-3000Epson EPL-3000 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-4000Epson EPL-4100Epson EPL-4200Epson EPL-4300Epson EPL-5000Epson EPL-5000/5200 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-5200Epson EPL-5200+Epson EPL-5200+ EpsonScriptEpson EPL-5500Epson EPL-5500 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-5600Epson EPL-5600 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-5700Epson EPL-5700 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-6000Epson EPL-7000Epson EPL-7100Epson EPL-7500 v52.3Epson EPL-8000Epson EPL-8100Epson EPL-9000Epson EPL-9000 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-C8000Epson EPL-N1200Epson EPL-N1200/A4 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-N1600Epson EPL-N1600 EpsonScriptEpson EPL-N2000Epson EPL-N2000/A4 EpsonScript				
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