A List of Printer Drivers That Are included in Windows XP (Article 3 of 5)

Support for Windows XP has ended

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

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This article lists the printers (from the infotec 4150 MF PCL printer to the Okipage 8p printer) that have printer drivers included in Windows XP.
The following devices have digitally signed device drivers that are included in Windows XP.

NOTE: For any printer, the printer drivers that are provided with Windows XP are generally preferable to the drivers that are included with earlier versions of Windows. However, you may want to consult the printer manufacturer to determine the best printing solution for your printer.
[infotec]infotec 4150 MF PCLinfotec 4150 MF PSinfotec 4180 MF PCLinfotec 4180 MF PSinfotec 4220 MF PCLinfotec 4220 MF PSinfotec 4270 MF PCLinfotec 4270 MF PSinfotec 4351 MF PCLinfotec 4352 MF PCLinfotec 4451 MF PCLinfotec 4550 MF PCLinfotec 4551 MF PCLinfotec 4651 MF PCLinfotec 4700 MF PCLinfotec 4850 MF PCLinfotec 4105 MF PCLinfotec P 320 PCLinfotec P 450 PCL[Iwatsu]Iwatsu LP-501CR E1[Kodak]Eastman Kodak 1580Kodak 1392 Model 44 PPDKodak 70cp Series II PPDKodak 92p PPDKodak ColorEase PS PrinterKodak DS 8650 PSKodak DS DCP 9000Kodak EktaPlus 7016Kodak XLS 8600 PS v2014.105Kodak XLS 8400 PS[Konica]Konica KL-3015 (PS)[Kyocera]Apricot LaserKyocera F-800Kyocera F-800AKyocera F-820Kyocera F-1000Kyocera F-1000AKyocera F-1010Kyocera F-1200SKyocera F-1800Kyocera F-1800AKyocera F-2000AKyocera F-2010Kyocera F-2200Kyocera F-2200SKyocera F-3000Kyocera F-3000AKyocera F-3010Kyocera F-3300Kyocera F-5000Kyocera FS-400 / FS-400AKyocera FS-400 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-400A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-850 / FS-850AKyocera FS-850 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1200 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1500 / FS-1500AKyocera FS-1500 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1500A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1550 / FS-1550AKyocera FS-1550 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1550A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1550+Kyocera FS-1550+ (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1600Kyocera FS-1600 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1600 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1600AKyocera FS-1600A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1600A (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1600+Kyocera FS-1600+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1700Kyocera FS-1700+Kyocera FS-1700 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-1700 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1700+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-1750 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3400 / FS-3400AKyocera FS-3400 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3400A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3400+Kyocera FS-3400+ (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3500 / FS-3500AKyocera FS-3500 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3500A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3600Kyocera FS-3600 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3600 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3600AKyocera FS-3600A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3600A (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3600+Kyocera FS-3600+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3700Kyocera FS-3700 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-3700 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3700+Kyocera FS-3700+Kyocera FS-3700+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-3750 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-5500 / FS-5500AKyocera FS-5500 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-5500A (KPDL)Kyocera FS-5800C (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-5900C (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-600Kyocera FS-600 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-6300 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-6500Kyocera FS-6500 (KPDL)Kyocera FS-6500 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-6500+Kyocera FS-6500+ (KPDL)Kyocera FS-6500+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-6700 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-680 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-6900 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-7000Kyocera FS-7000 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-7000+Kyocera FS-7000+ (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-800Kyocera FS-800 (KPDL-2)Kyocera FS-9000Kyocera FS-9000 (KPDL-2)Kyocera LS-6550Kyocera P-2000 (KPDL)Kyocera Q-8010 (KPDL)[Lanier]Lanier 5218 PCLLanier 5218 PSLanier 5222 PCLLanier 5222 PSLanier 5227 PCLLanier 5227 PSLanier 5235 PCLLanier 5245 PCLLanier 5255 PCLLanier 5265 PCLLanier 5435 PCLLanier 5445 PCLLanier 5455 PCLLanier 5470 PCLLanier 5485 PCLLanier 5505 PCL[LaserMaster]LaserMaster Unity 1200XL v47.0Unity 1800PM-RUnity 1800XLUnity 1800XL-O[Lexmark]Lexmark 1020 Color JetprinterLexmark 1020 Color Jetprinter  (Mono)Lexmark 2380 PlusLexmark 2381 PlusLexmark 2390 PlusLexmark 2391 PlusLexmark 3000 Color JetprinterLexmark 3200 Color JetprinterLexmark 5700 Color JetprinterLexmark 4226 Model 302Lexmark 4039 Plus PSLexmark 4039 LaserPrinter PlusLexmark Color 4079 plus PSLexmark ExecJet IIcLexmark Forms Printer 4227Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 PlusLexmark OptraLexmark Optra PSLexmark Optra PlusLexmark Optra Plus PSLexmark Optra CLexmark Optra C PSLexmark Optra C710 (MS)Lexmark Optra C710 PSLexmark Optra Color 1200 (MS)Lexmark Optra Color 1200 PSLexmark Optra Color 40 PSLexmark Optra Color 45 PSLexmark Optra ELexmark Optra E+ (MS)Lexmark Optra EpLexmark Optra Ep PSLexmark Optra E310 (MS)Lexmark Optra E310 PSLexmark Optra E312 (MS)Lexmark Optra E312 PSLexmark Optra E312L (MS)Lexmark Optra K 1220 (MS)Lexmark Optra K 1220 PSLexmark Optra L SeriesLexmark Optra L Series PSLexmark Optra L Plus SeriesLexmark Optra L Plus Series PSLexmark Optra M410 (MS)Lexmark Optra M410 PSLexmark Optra M412 (MS)Lexmark Optra M412 PSLexmark Optra NLexmark Optra N PSLexmark Optra R SeriesLexmark Optra R Series PSLexmark Optra R Plus SeriesLexmark Optra R Plus Series PS Lexmark Optra S PSLexmark Optra S 1250 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1250 PSLexmark Optra S 1255 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1255 PSLexmark Optra S 1620 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1620 PSLexmark Optra S 1625 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1625 PSLexmark Optra S 1650 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1650 PSLexmark Optra S 1855 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 1855 PSLexmark Optra S 2420 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 2420 PSLexmark Optra S 2450 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 2450 PSLexmark Optra S 2455 (MS)Lexmark Optra S 2455 PSLexmark Optra SC 1275 (MS)Lexmark Optra SC 1275 PSLexmark Optra Se 3455 (MS)Lexmark Optra Se 3455 PSLexmark Optra T610 (MS)Lexmark Optra T610 PSLexmark Optra T612 (MS)Lexmark Optra T612 PSLexmark Optra T614 (MS)Lexmark Optra T614 PSLexmark Optra T616 (MS)Lexmark Optra T616 PSLexmark Optra W810 (MS)Lexmark Optra W810 PSLexmark ValueWriter 300Lexmark ValueWriter 600Lexmark Z11 Color JetprinterLexmark Z12 Color JetprinterLexmark Z22-Z32 Color JetprinterLexmark Z31 Color JetprinterLexmark Z42 Color JetprinterLexmark Z51 Color JetprinterLexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter[Linotronic]Linotronic 100 v42.5Linotronic 200 v49.3Linotronic 230 v49.3Linotronic 230 v52.3Linotronic 260 v52.3Linotronic 300 v47.1Linotronic 300 v49.3Linotronic 300 v52.3Linotronic 330 v52.3Linotronic 330-RIP 30 v52.3Linotronic 500 v49.3Linotronic 500 v52.3Linotronic 530 v52.3Linotronic 530-RIP 30 v52.3Linotronic 630 v52.3Linotronic 830 v52.3Linotronic 930 v52.3Linotronic Pr60 v52.3HerkulesPMv2013Quasar v2013[Mannesmann]Mannesmann Tally MT 130/24Mannesmann Tally MT 130/9Mannesmann Tally MT 131/24Mannesmann Tally MT 131/9Mannesmann Tally MT 150/24Mannesmann Tally MT 150/9Mannesmann Tally MT 151/24Mannesmann Tally MT 151/9Mannesmann Tally MT 230/9Mannesmann Tally MT 230/18Mannesmann Tally MT 230/24Mannesmann Tally MT 290Mannesmann Tally MT 330Mannesmann Tally MT 340Mannesmann Tally MT 350Mannesmann Tally MT 360Mannesmann Tally MT 360-2TMannesmann Tally MT 730/735Mannesmann Tally MT 81Mannesmann Tally MT 82Mannesmann Tally MT 83Mannesmann Tally MT 84Mannesmann Tally MT 90Mannesmann Tally MT 904 PlusMannesmann Tally MT 908Mannesmann Tally MT 91Mannesmann Tally MT 92Mannesmann Tally MT 92CMannesmann Tally MT 93Mannesmann Tally MT 94Mannesmann Tally MT 98/99Mannesmann Tally MT LiteMannesmann Tally T2033Mannesmann Tally T2045Mannesmann Tally T2055Mannesmann Tally T2133Mannesmann Tally T7010Mannesmann Tally T7018Mannesmann Tally T7040 (Color)Mannesmann Tally T7040 (Mono)Mannesmann Tally T7070Mannesmann Tally T9005Mannesmann Tally T9005 PlusMannesmann Tally T9008Mannesmann Tally T9012Mannesmann Tally T9017Mannesmann Tally T9108Mannesmann Tally T9208[Microsoft]Windows 3.1 Compatible Fax Driver[Microtek]Microtek TrueLaser[Minolta]Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro (MS)Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro PSMinolta PageWorks/Pro 6Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6e (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6e (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6exMinolta PageWorks/Pro 6exMinolta PageWorks/Pro 8Minolta PageWorks/Pro 8eMinolta PageWorks/Pro 8eMinolta PageWorks/Pro 12 (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 12 (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 12 PSMinolta PageWorks/Pro 18Minolta PageWorks/Pro 18 PSMinolta PageWorks/Pro 20 (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 20 (MS)Minolta PageWorks/Pro 20 PSMinolta PageWorks/Pro 25Minolta PageWorks/Pro 25 PSMinolta SP 3000Minolta SP 3500[Monotype]Monotype ImageMaster 1200 v52.3Monotype Imagesetter v52.2[NEC]Colormate PS v51.9NEC Colormate PSNEC Colormate PS/40 v51.9NEC Colormate PS/80 v51.9NEC Jetmate 400NEC Jetmate 800NEC Pinwriter CP6NEC Pinwriter CP7NEC Pinwriter P20NEC Pinwriter P2200NEC Pinwriter P2plusNEC Pinwriter P30NEC Pinwriter P3200NEC Pinwriter P3300NEC Pinwriter P5200NEC Pinwriter P5300NEC Pinwriter P5XLNEC Pinwriter P6NEC Pinwriter P60NEC Pinwriter P6200NEC Pinwriter P6300NEC Pinwriter P6plusNEC Pinwriter P7NEC Pinwriter P70NEC Pinwriter P7plusNEC Pinwriter P90NEC Pinwriter P9300NEC Pinwriter P9XLNEC SilentWriter 95 v2010.119NEC Silentwriter 95 v2011.111NEC Silentwriter 97 v2011.111NEC Silentwriter 1097 PSNEC Silentwriter LC 860 PlusNEC Silentwriter LC 860NEC Silentwriter LC890 v47.0NEC Silentwriter LC890XL v50.5NEC Silentwriter S102NEC Silentwriter2 290 v52.0NEC Silentwriter2 90 v52.2NEC Silentwriter2 990 v52.3NEC SuperScript 1260NEC SuperScript 1450NEC SuperScript 1450 PSNEC SuperScript 1800NEC SuperScript 1800 PSNEC SuperScript 860[NRG]NRG C7005w RPSNRG D4105/28105/32105 PCLNRG D415s/2815S/3215s PCLNRG D415s/2815S/3215s PSNRG D418/2818/3218 PCLNRG D418/2818/3218 PSNRG D422/2822/3222 PCLNRG D422/2822/3222 PSNRG D427/2827/3227 PSNRG D435/2835/3235 PCLNRG D435s/2835S/3235s PCLNRG D445/2845/3245 PCLNRG D455/2855/3255 PCLNRG D465/2865/3265 PCLNRG D485/2885/3285 PCLNRG D555/2955/3355 PCLNRG D570/2970/3370 PCLNRG P7014 PCLNRG P7016 PCLNRG P7020 PCLNRG P7021 PCLNRG P7027 PCLNRG P7027 PSNRG P7045 PCLNRG P7026 PCLNRG P7026N PCLNRG P7032 PCL[Oce]Oce 3165 Network CopierOce 4900 PostScriptOce 6410Oce 6470Oce 6480Oce 6525Oce 6535Oce 6665Oce 6675Oce 8340Oce 8445 PS2Oce 8445 PS2 LEOce 8445 PS2 No SorterOce 9145 Sorter 20 binsOce 9145 Sorter 40 binsOce 9145 Stacker/StaplerOce 9230 Sorter 20 binsOce 9230 Sorter 40 binsOce 9230 Stacker/StaplerOce 9245 Sorter 20 binsOce 9245 Sorter 40 binsOce 9245 Stacker/StaplerOce 9260 Sorter 20 binsOce 9260 Sorter 40 binsOce 9260 Stacker/StaplerOce 9260 Stacker/Stapler/DFDOce 9400 PostScriptOce 9500-S PostScriptOce 9600 PostScriptOce G9030-S PostScriptOce G9050-S PostScriptOceColor G5241 PSOceColor G5242 PostScript Printer v50.3[Oki]Oki Microline 801PS+F v52.3Oki ML 182 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 192 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 192 Elite (Microline)Oki ML 193 Elite (Microline)Oki ML 193 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 280 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 320 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 320 Elite (Microline)Oki ML 321 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 321 Elite (Microline)Oki ML 3410 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 380 EliteOki ML 390 EliteOki ML 391 EliteOki ML 393 EliteOki ML 393C EliteOki ML 395 EliteOki ML 395C EliteOki ML3320Oki ML3321Oki ML3390Oki ML3391Oki ML 520 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 520 Elite (Microline) Oki ML 521 Elite (IBM)Oki ML 521 Elite (Microline)Oki ML 590Oki ML 590C Elite Oki ML 591Oki ML 591C EliteOki OJ-300COki OL1200ex/PSOki OL-1200exOki OL-400Oki OL-400eOki OL-400exOki OL400e PSOki OL-410Oki OL-410exOki OL410e v2014.105Oki OL-600exOki OL-610exOki OL-800/840Oki OL-810Oki OL-810exOki OL-830 (PCL)Oki OL-850Oki OL-870Oki OL830-PS v52.5Oki OL840-PS v51.8Oki OL850-PS v52.5Oki OL870-PS v2013.108Okipage 6eOkipage 6exOkipage 10iOkipage 10i PSOkipage 12iOkipage 16nOkipage 16n PSOkipage 20/20nOkipage 8COkipage 8p				

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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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