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A List of Printer Drivers That Are Included in Windows XP (Article 4 of 5)

Support for Windows XP has ended

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

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This article lists the printers [from the Hermes H 606 PS (13 Fonts) printer to the Tandy LP-1000 printer] that have printer drivers that are included in Windows XP.
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The following devices have digitally signed device drivers that are included in Windows XP.

Note: For any printer, the printer drivers that are provided with Windows XP are generally preferable to the drivers that are included with earlier versions of Windows. However, you may want to consult the printer manufacturer to determine the best printing solution for your printer.
[Olivetti]Hermes H 606 PS (13 Fonts)Hermes H 606 PS (35 fonts)Hermes H 606Olivetti DM 109Olivetti DM 119Olivetti DM 124 COlivetti DM 124 LOlivetti DM 124Olivetti DM 209 LOlivetti DM 224 LOlivetti DM 309 LOlivetti DM 309 SOlivetti DM 309 SLOlivetti DM 309Olivetti DM 324 LOlivetti DM 324 SOlivetti DM 324 SLOlivetti DM 324Olivetti DM 600 SOlivetti DM 600Olivetti DM 624Olivetti DM 95Olivetti ETV 5000Olivetti JP 70Olivetti JP 90 (Color)Olivetti JP 90 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 150Olivetti JP 150 WSOlivetti JP 170 (Color)Olivetti JP 170 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 170 S (Color)Olivetti JP 170 S (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 190 (Color)Olivetti JP 190 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 192 (Color)Olivetti JP 192 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 250Olivetti JP 270Olivetti JP 350Olivetti JP 350SOlivetti JP 360 (Color)Olivetti JP 360 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 370 (Color)Olivetti JP 370 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 450 (Color)Olivetti JP 450 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 470 (Color)Olivetti JP 470 (Monochrome)Olivetti JP 50Olivetti JP 790 (Color)Olivetti JP 792 (Color)Olivetti JP 792 (Photo)Olivetti JP 795 (Color)Olivetti JP 795 (Photo)Olivetti PG 108Olivetti PG 208 M2Olivetti PG 306 PS (13 Fonts)Olivetti PG 306 PS (35 Fonts)Olivetti PG 306Olivetti PG 308 HS PostScriptOlivetti PG 308 HSOlivetti PG 308Olivetti PG 404Olivetti PG 408Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS13Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS35Triumph Adler SDR 7706[Panasonic]Panasonic KX-P1081Panasonic KX-P1121Panasonic KX-P1123Panasonic KX-P1124Panasonic KX-P1124iPanasonic KX-P1150Panasonic KX-P1170Panasonic KX-P1180Panasonic KX-P1624Panasonic KX-P1654Panasonic KX-P1695Panasonic KX-P2023Panasonic KX-P2123Panasonic KX-P2124Panasonic KX-P2180Panasonic KX-P2624Panasonic KX-P3123Panasonic KX-P3124Panasonic KX-P3624Panasonic KX-P4400Panasonic KX-P4410Panasonic KX-P4420Panasonic KX-P4430Panasonic KX-P4440Panasonic KX-P4450Panasonic KX-P4450iPanasonic KX-P4451Panasonic KX-P4455 v51.4Panasonic KX-P5400 v2013.112Panasonic KX-P5410 v2013.110Panasonic KX-P6500[QMS]QMS 420 Print System v2011.22 r15QMS 860 Print System v2011.22 r15QMS 860+ Level 2QMS 1060 Print SystemQMS 1660 Print SystemQMS 1660E Print SystemQMS 1725 Print SystemQMS 2025 Print SystemQMS 2425 Print SystemQMS 2060 Print SystemQMS 2060 w/OptionalQMS 3225 Print SystemQMS 3825 Print SystemQMS 4060 Print System QMS 4525 Level 2QMS 4525 Print SystemQMS ColorScript 100 Mod 30siQMS ColorScript 100 Model 10 v50.3QMS ColorScript 100 Model 20 v50.3QMS ColorScript 100 Model 30 v50.3QMS ColorScript 100 v49.4QMS ColorScript 210 v2011.22QMS ColorScript 230 v2011.22QMS ColorScript 460QMS ColorScript 480QMS ColorScript 1000 Level 1QMS ColorScript 1000 Level 2QMS ColorScript Laser 1000QMS magicolor 2QMS magicolor CXQMS magicolor LXQMS magicolor plus Level 2QMS PS Jet Plus v46.1QMS PS Jet v46.1QMS-PS 410 v52.4QMS-PS 800 Plus v46.1QMS-PS 800 v46.1QMS-PS 810 Turbo v. 51.7QMS-PS 810 v47.0QMS-PS 815 MR v52.4QMS-PS 815 v52.4QMS-PS 820 Turbo v51.7QMS-PS 820 v51.7QMS-PS 825 MR v52.4QMS-PS 825 v52.4QMS-PS 1700 v52.4QMS-PS 2000 v52.4QMS-PS 2200 v51.0 or 52.3QMS-PS 2210 v51.0 or 52.3QMS-PS 2220 v51.0 or 52.3[Quad]QuadLaser I[Qume]Qume ScripTEN v47.0[Radio_Shack]Radio Shack JP500Radio Shack JP1000 (Color)Radio Shack JP1000 (Mono)[Ricoh]Ricoh Aficio 150 PCLRicoh Aficio 150 PSRicoh Aficio 180 PCLRicoh Aficio 180 PSRicoh Aficio 200/250 PCLRicoh Aficio 220 PCLRicoh Aficio 220 PSRicoh Aficio 270 PCLRicoh Aficio 270 PSRicoh Aficio 340 PCLRicoh Aficio 350/355 PCLRicoh Aficio 350e/355e PCLRicoh Aficio 401Ricoh Aficio 450/455 PCLRicoh Aficio 450e/455e PCLRicoh Aficio 550 PCLRicoh Aficio 551 PCLRicoh Aficio 650 PCLRicoh Aficio 700 PCLRicoh Aficio 850 PCLRicoh Aficio 1050 PCLRicoh Aficio AP2600 PCLRicoh Aficio AP2600N PCLRicoh Aficio AP2700 PCLRicoh Aficio AP2700 PSRicoh Aficio AP3200 PCLRicoh Aficio AP4500 PCLRicoh Aficio MP01Ricoh COLOR LASER AP204 RPSRicoh COLOR LASER AP305 RPSRicoh LASER AP1400 PCLRicoh LASER AP1600 PCLRicoh LASER AP2000 PCLRicoh LASER AP2100 PCLRicoh LASER AP2600 PCLRicoh LASER AP2600N PCLRicoh LP-1200Ricoh PC Laser 6000-PS v50.5[Riso]SC7500-RISO SR-600dpi[Royal]Royal CJP 450[Samsung]Photomax PM-1200PSSamsung MJ-630ASamsung MJ-705ASamsung MJC-640ASamsung MJC-650ASamsung ML-5000A/QwikLaser 5000ASamsung ML-5000A/QwikLaser 5000ASamsung ML-6000/QwikLaser 6000Samsung ML-6000/QwikLaser 6000Samsung ML-7000/QwikLaser 7000Samsung ML-7000/QwikLaser 7000Samsung ML-84(PCL)Samsung ML-85(PCL)Samsung QL-84Samsung QL-85Samsung SI-630A[Savin]Savin 2015DP PCLSavin 2015DP PSSavin 2055DP PCLSavin 2070DP PCLSavin 2085DP PCLSavin 2105DP PCLSavin 9918DP PCLSavin 9918DP PSSavin 9922DP PCLSavin 9922DP PSSavin 9927DP PCLSavin 9927DP PSSavin 9935D PCLSavin 9935DP/2035DP PCLSavin 9935DPE/2035DPE PCLSavin 9945DP/2045DP PCLSavin 9945DPE/2045DPE PCLSavin 9955DP PCLSavin 9965DP PCLSavin SLP14 PCLSavin SLP16 PCLSavin SLP20 PCLSavin SLP21 PCLSavin SLP26 PCLSavin SLP26n PCLSavin SLP27 PCLSavin SLP27 PSSavin SLP32 PCLSavin SLP416c RPSSavin SLP45 PCLSavin SLP517c RPS[Schlumberger]Schlumberger 5232 Color PostScript Printer v50.3[Scitex]Dolev PSM v2013.104IRIS Ink JetScitex BrisqueScitex Dolev PS L2Scitex Dolev PSM L2Scitex Dolev2PressPlus PSMScitex Dolev400 PS L2Scitex Dolev400 PSM L2Scitex Dolev4Press PSM L2Scitex Dolev800 PS L2Scitex Dolev800 PSM L2Scitex PS Bridge L2Scitex SpontaneScitex SX1000ProScitex VIP2 L2[Seiko]ColorPoint 820 PS USAColorPoint 830 PS USAColorPoint 835 PS USASII CL-1200eSeiko ColorPoint PS Model 04Seiko ColorPoint PS Model 14Seiko ColorPoint2 PSFSeiko ColorPoint PSNSeiko ColorPoint PSXSeiko Personal ColorPoint PSSeiko Professional ColorPoint 8BPP[Seikosha]Seikosha LT-20Seikosha SL-80 IPSeikosha SL-92 PlusSeikosha SL-92Seikosha SL-95 ColorSeikosha SP-1900Seikosha SP-1900+Seikosha SP-2000Seikosha SP-2400Seikosha SP-2415Seikosha SpeedJET 200[Sharp]Sharp AO-4100PSharp AO-4100P PSSharp JX-9300Sharp JX-9460Sharp JX-9460 PSSharp JX-9500Sharp JX-9500 PSSharp JX-9500ESharp JX-9500HSharp JX-9600Sharp JX-9600 PSSharp JX-9660Sharp JX-9660 PSSharp JX-9680Sharp JX-9685Sharp JX-9700Sharp JX-9700ESharp JX-9700E PS[Shinko]Shinko Color CHC-746PSJ PostScript Printer v52.2[Star]Star FR-10Star FR-15Star LaserPrinter 4Star LaserPrinter 4 IIIStar LaserPrinter 4 StarScriptStar LaserPrinter 5Star LaserPrinter 5 EXStar LaserPrinter 5 TT/UKStar LaserPrinter 8Star LaserPrinter 8 DBStar LaserPrinter 8 DXStar LaserPrinter 8 IIStar LaserPrinter 8 IIIStar LaserPrinter 8 LincPageStar LC-10Star LC-10 IIStar LC-10 ColorStar LC-100 ColorStar LC-100+ ColorStar LC-1011CStar LC-15Star LC-1511Star LC-1521Star LC-20Star LC-200Star LC-240Star LC-240CStar LC-4511Star LC-4521Star LC-7211Star LC-8211Star LC-8211+Star LC-8521Star LC-90Star LC24-10Star LC24-100Star LC24-15Star LC24-15 IIStar LC24-20Star LC24-20 IIStar LC24-200Star LC24-200 ColorStar LC24-30 ColorStar LC24-300 ColorStar NB24-10Star NB24-15Star NL-10Star NX-1000 IIStar NX-1000 RainbowStar NX-1000Star NX-1001Star NX-1010Star NX-1020 RainbowStar NX-1040 RainbowStar NX-1500Star NX-2400Star NX-2410Star NX-2415Star NX-2415 IIStar NX-2420 RainbowStar NX-2420Star NX-2430Star NX-2440Star NX-2450 RainbowStar NX-2460Star NX-2460CStar NX-2480 RainbowStar SJ-48Star SJ-144Star XB-2410Star XB-2415Star XB-2420Star NX-2420 Rainbow IIStar XB-2425Star XB24-10Star XB24-15Star XB24-200Star XB24-250Star XR-1000Star XR-1020Star XR-1500Star XR-1520Star ZA-200Star ZA-250[Tally]Tally T2060Tally T2060CTally T2060-2TTally T2070Tally T2030 9 PinTally T2030 24 PinTally T2040Tally T2130 9 PinTally T2130 24 PinTally T2140[Tandy]Tandy LP-1000				
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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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