OL2000: Access Violation Occurs When a Delegate Updates a Meeting Without Access to a Contacts Folder

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An access violation may occur when a delegate that does not have access to the meeting originator's Contacts folder updates a meeting and sends it to a personal distribution list.
This problem can occur because Outlook 2000 does not handle the security rejection on the personal distribution list correctly.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Office 2000. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
276367 OFF2000: How to Obtain the Latest Office 2000 Service Pack
The English-language version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later:
   Date                 Version      Size    File name        -------------------------------------------------------------   14-Jun-00	  41,472  Bjablr32.dll   14-Jun-00	  61,952  Bjlog32.dll   08-Jan-01	  98,304  Bjsrch32.dll   19-Jun-00	     5.5.2652.65   716,560  Cdo.dll   19-Jun-00	     5.5.2652.65   808,720  Cdo.dll_0004   16-Nov-00	 122,931  Contab32.dll_0002   14-Jun-00	 183,808  Emablt32.dll   31-Aug-00	     5.5.3142.0	 154,112  Emsabp32.dll_0005   16-Nov-00	     5.5.3150.0	 594,192  Emsmdb32.dll_0005   24-Aug-00	     5.5.3141.0	 131,344  Emsui32.dll_0005   02-Jun-00	  86,067  Envelope.dll   10-May-01	     5.5.3156.0	 540,944  Exsec32.dll_0005   05-April-00	 192,561  Mimedir.dll   21-May-01	     5.5.3157.0	 792,576  Msmapi32.dll_0001   21-May-01	     5.5.3157.0	 623,104  Msmapi32.dll_0002   08-July-00	     5.5.3138.0	 602,384  Mspst32.dll_0004   08-July-00	     5.5.3138.0	 528,656  Mspst32.dll_0005   01-Jan-00	 196,661  Oladd.fae   23-May-00	     -	          150,690  Olexchng.aw   30-May-00	     -	           26,643  Olsec9.chm   23-Feb-00	     -	          170,617  Olxchng9.chm   08-Feb-01	     5.5.3153.0	 454,144  Omi9.dll_0001   08-Feb-01	     5.5.3153.0	 548,352  Omint.dll_0001   21-Nov-00	     -	          129,024  Out2ksec.mst   01-Feb-01	     8.30.3152.0   782,608  Outex.dll   24-May-00	     -	          554,068  Outlhlp.aw_0001   07-April-01  5,328,946  Outllib.dll   07-April-01  1,675,315  Outllibr.dll   19-April-01	     9.0.5218.0	 368,691  Pstprx32.dll_0002   07-July-00	  73,772  Rm.dll   02-Jun-00	  65,586  Sendto9.dll				

To work around this problem, give the delegate authorization to the meeting originator's Contacts folder.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
This problem was first corrected in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP-3).

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