Incentive calculation details

This article describes how to view the lever details in the Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP) to know how rebates payments were calculated.

Please note that this article is not applicable to Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) partners.
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You can check the incentives calculation in the Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP.)
  1. Open CHIP and login with your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID). 
  2. Select Program Name - Rebates.
  3. Click View Dashboard.
  4. Select Period and click Earned Funds tab.
  5. You will find the Incentives calculation for each category shown under Lever Details.

Glossary of Terms:
  • Basis – Refers to the revenue amount.
  • Payout – Refers to the incentives Percentage (Details can be found in the Master Channel Incentive Agreement and Incentive Guidebook).
  • Rebate % or Co-op % - The percentage of incentives allocated to either Rebate or Co-op funds. (Details can be found in the Master Channel Incentive Agreement – please ask your Incentives Administrator.)
  • Rebate Earned = Basis * Payout % * Rebate % (note that values are expressed as decimals and not percentages).
  • Co-op Earned = Basis * Payout % * Co-op %.

Performance GoalsGoalAchievementAttainment LevelPayout TierPayoutRebate%Coop%BasisRebate EarnedCoop Earned
Core Products Revenue (Non-Office) Non-Annuity

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