PNG Files Do Not Show Transparency in Internet Explorer

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If you browse to a Web page that contains an image that has a transparent background in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, the image background may appear to be gray rather than transparent.
Web developers who work with PNG files can use the AlphaImageLoader filter, as demonstrated in the following example:
<html><head></head><body bgColor="blue"><!-- This DIV is the target container for the image.  --><DIV ID="oDiv" STYLE="position:absolute; left:140px; height:400; width:400;     filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(     src='image.png', sizingMethod='scale');" ></DIV></body></html>				
For more information on the AlphaImageLoader filter, see the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:For more information about developing Web-based solutions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

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