General information on Partner Sales Exchange (PSX)

Microsoft Partner Sales Exchange (PSX) delivers an innovative, agile partner pipeline management experience, built entirely on Microsoft technologies and best practices. The goal of PSX is to simplify working on opportunities. 
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Overview of Partner Sales Exchange (PSX): 

·         PSX enables you to receive financial incentives for your pipeline creation efforts through Deal Registration and other incentive programs.

·         PSX facilitates co-selling between Microsoft and you by promoting collaboration; bringing the right Microsoft resources to the right opportunities.

·         PSX provides visibility to Microsoft on the revenue and solutions that you drive, allowing you to reach advanced competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network.

For information on getting started, please see the Accessing PSX article.

From the PSX home page, you can manage your pipeline, whether it's to add or import opportunities, update shared opportunities that you share with Microsoft, or Accept Leads that Microsoft has shared with you.

For detailed information on using and navigating PSX, see the PSX training.

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