User Roles in Partner Incentive Experience

This article describes briefly User Roles in Partner Incentive Experience.
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There are two partner user roles on Partner Incentive Experience: administrator (admin) and user. Capabilities of each role are presented in the table below:


- Multiple locations from one partner can be onboarded/managed by the same contact person who receives the Partner Incentive Experience invite.

- There is no limit to the number of partner users.

The only person authorized to manage Users in Partner Incentive Experience is Partner Admin.

The User management tile is visible in the Admin hub on the dashboard:

Under this tile Partner Admin has three options:

- Manage users: See the list of currently enrolled Partner Admins and Users, and their permissions and email addresses. Delete users and permissions, if required

- Add users/permissions: Add new users or change the permissions of existing users

- Manage new users: Manage the sending of invitations

For detailed instruction on how to use above options, refer to FY17 Partner Incentive Experience Guide which is available here.

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