List of bugs fixed in BizTalk Server 2000 Service Pack 1

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This article is a listing of article numbers for bugs that were fixed in BizTalk Server 2000 Service Pack 1.

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299664 How to obtain the latest BizTalk Server 2000 service pack

Service Pack 1

281470 FIX: BizTalk Server appends random characters to flat file output
284161 FIX: Run-time error '429' occurs when you use the BTConfigAssistant sample
287533 FIX: Basic authentication proxy support is added to BizTalk Server
287670 FIX: Cannot select a Verisign SSL Client Authentication Certificate
291949 FIX: Failed documents are sent to the Suspended queue instead of the Retry queue
293343 FIX: BizTalk cluster encounters a runtime failure
293347 FIX: BizTalk Orchestration Designer menu items are disabled
293351 FIX: Documents processed by BizTalk Server are stuck in the Work Items queue
293353 FIX: BizTalk Server fails to serialize data with embedded nulls
293354 FIX: BizTalk Server does not purge or archive tracking database
293355 FIX: BizTalk Server never purges persistence database
296889 FIX: Error message: The BizTalk Framework timestamp "receiptRequiredBy" has expired. This document is no longer valid.
297545 FIX: Cannot access buttons in Select a Document Specification from the WebDAV Repository dialog box
297546 FIX: Messaging Manager: SendHTTPX Properties dialog box contains inactive <Alt>+U hotkey
297547 FIX: Messaging Manager: SendMSMQ Properties dialog box contains inactive <Alt>+M hotkey
297548 FIX: SendLocalFile Properties dialog box contains inactive <Alt>+D hotkey
297549 FIX: MSMQ property sheet contains two sets of duplicate hotkeys
297551 FIX: Cannot use arrow keys to access option controls in Option dialog box of BizTalk Mapper
297552 FIX: Icons appear black in BizTalk Mapper functoid palette after you change display resolution
297554 FIX: Cannot use ALT+S key combination to save files in BizTalk Editor or BizTalk Mapper store to WebDAV dialog box
297555 FIX: Cannot use ALT+SPACEBAR key combination to display title bar shortcut menu
297556 FIX: About BizTalk Editor dialog box URL links to an unlocalized Web site in localized versions of BizTalk Editor
297557 FIX: Cannot use SHIFT+F and SHIFT+R key combinations in BizTalk Editor fail if Japanese IME is enabled
297559 FIX: Saving changes to existing receive function fails when group name includes Unicode characters
297560 FIX: Some BizTalk Editor and BizTalk Mapper dialog boxes do not focus on the default object
297561 FIX: Accessibility keys are missing in BizTalk Editor and BizTalk Mapper
297562 FIX: Context Menu key brings up the mouse focus menu instead of keyboard focus menu
297571 FIX: Cannot create, move, or manipulate links and functoids in BizTalk Mapper without the mouse
297572 FIX: BTConfigAssistant sample fails to load saved configuration
297572 FIX: BTConfigAssistant sample fails to load saved configuration when document definition contains custom tracking
297576 FIX: Documents in the Suspended Queue may fail to resubmit
297577 FIX: Lost and duplicated documents when you use BizTalk in a clustered environment
297578 FIX: BizTalk Service fails if Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator fails
297580 FIX: Orchestration Designer Visual Basic runtime error
297582 FIX: Orchestration Group Manager stops responding during shutdown
297584 FIX: BizTalk Mapper: Blank segments are generated in X12 Output format
297586 FIX: SOAPAction header value in HTTP header of posted document is not enclosed in quotation marks
297588 FIX: BizTalk generates output document with unreadable characters from MIME-encoded input document
297589 FIX: XLANG Monitor sample does not record events until you start a second instance
297592 FIX: WebDAV does not work after you install Office XP
297593 FIX: XLANG event monitor displays garbage characters when port or action name contains double-byte characters
297595 FIX: Invalid element naming is allowed when you use Korean double byte character set
297597 FIX: Orchestration designer version compatibility problem
297613 FIX: Errors occur when you open the CreditChecker Visual Basic sample project file
297615 FIX: Various problems with localized versions of the BizTalk SDK samples
297623 FIX: Error "Invalid procedure call or argument" when you close Export dialog box
297628 FIX: Visual Basic version of DistributionList SDK sample fails in Japanese environment
297631 FIX: Documents fail data validation when you use X12 documents with BizTalk Server
297632 FIX: BizTalk Server adds support for time format including tenths and hundredths
297639 FIX: BizTalk Editor corrupts display in Output window after you validate a specification
297640 Existing X12 schemas fail validation after you install BizTalk Server 2000 Service Pack 1 (S297640)
297641 FIX: BizTalk Editor generates an access violation when you use Korean language set
297642 FIX: Korean IME Window closes when you type Korean characters in BizTalk Editor
297644 FIX: BizTalk Editor and Mapper do not start and fail to load schema files after MSXML 4.0 Beta is installed
297649 FIX: Timed transaction fails due to missing message even though message is present
297651 FIX: BizTalk Mapper generates content for an element before generating its attributes
297652 FIX: BizTalkConfigAssistant fails to import any configuration that does not include the Home Organization
297653 FIX: Cannot change subject when you use SMTP transport with open destination messaging port
297654 FIX: Performance degradation occurs after you install BizTalk Pre-S297654 Rollup Hotfix
297659 FIX: Orchestration Designer most recently used file list displays blank rows
297668 FIX: Size limit when you use BTConfigAssistant to export configuration in VBScript format
297673 FIX: Context menu jumps to first property when a custom annotation is highlighted
297674 FIX: Cannot navigate with the Tab key in the functoid palette when you use the BizTalk Mapper
297675 FIX: BTConfigAssistant saves XML configuration data as VBScript
301508 FIX: XLANG errors occur when you run BizTalk Server under a high load condition

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