Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade Release Notes

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NOTE: The Introduction section of the release notes contained in the update package incorrectly starts with the phrase "This security upgrade for Dial-up Networking...", instead of "This update for Dial-up Networking..."

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade Release Notes

1. Introduction

This update for Dial-up Networking in Windows 98 Second Edition adds the ability to encrypt dial-up and PPTP traffic using 128-bit keys. After installation of this upgrade, a Windows 98 Second Edition computer can establish either 40-bit or 128-bit encrypted sessions using Microsoft Point to Point Encryption.

1.1 Installing this Update

Execute the Install file and follow the instructions it displays. At the end of the installation process you are required to reboot your computer.

1.2 Removing this Update

To remove this update use the "Add/Remove Programs" application in the Control Panel. In the Windows Setup tab, select "Dial-up Networking 1.4 Update for Windows 98SE", then click on the "Add/Remove" button. This removes 128-bit encryption support, leaving only the ability to establish 40-bit encrypted sessions.

2. Forcing 128-Bit Encryption

When 128-bit encryption support is installed, a new checkbox is made available in the Dial-up Networking folder. When set, this checkbox causes any connection which has been configured to require encryption to require 128-bit encryption. For each connection, you can determine whether encryption is required. But the setting which forces 128-bit encryption affects all connections which require encryption.

To force strong encryption, go to the Connections menu in the Dial-up Networking folder and select "Settings". On the Security tab, enable the checkbox labeled "Only accept 128-bit encryption (when required)".

NOTE that this option is checked (turned on) automatically when you install 128-bit encryption support. All connections which require encryption automatically requires 128-bit sessions.
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